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NASKARTS at Red River Speedway for the Greg Biffle Challenge

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Well, the NASKART Series left for Wichita Falls on Friday night April 16th, ready to race and lots of action. The NASCAR Crews were ready to have some fun at Red River Speedway as well!! Everything was set...execpt Mother Nature. Who decided to make it a dreary rainy weekend! On Saturday with all the rain that had fallen, it made it a rainout for the Greg Biffle Challenge. But with Mike Cooper's help, the NASKART Drivers wanted to salvage something of the weekend. Mike got in touch with Ryan Dextraze and then got the NASKARTS hooked up with by phone as we Left for Texas Motor Speedway to see if we could still meet the crew members. We arrived around 4:30pm but drove thru rain the whole way. Once there, we were able to talk our way into the track facilities and find a parking lot outside the track next to the dirt track to setup camp for a while and pull out a NASKART and get in touch with Ryan to see if any of the Crew members would like to come see what they were to drive that night. Well unfortunatly most of the other teams crew members went back to their hotels for the night already with all the rain canceling everything for the day. But Ryan was a trooper and was camping with friends for the night not far from where we were. He came over with with friends and sponsors from the greg Biffle challenge and hung out with the NASKART guys for about an hour and half. Checking out the karts and asking all kinds of question...letting us start one up for him to hear the motors and check out videos we had in the trailer. He even took pictures of the karts and emailed them to BIFFLE himself!!! He even mentioned that ERIC WALLACE, Mary Ann Naumann's nephew, was part of the #16 team. We enjoyed their company and got to ask alot of our own questions of him and got to know him and his friends. He had to leave to go eat...but later invited us over to their campsite to continue getting to know each other. We all hung out til about 3:00am having a great time but knowing he had to get some sleep sometime before Sunday. We did talk about the rescheduled date and even texted each other that Sunday. And hope that on November 6th that the Greg Biffle Challenge will be even a bigger event than was originally planned. We felt that this will give more time for him to talk to the other crews and get them even more excited about racing the NASKARTS then. With NASKART posters and bumper stickers in hand...we bid him "GOOD LUCK" on the race!!!

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