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NASCAR Silly Season in full swing


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So in the last two weeks, the NASCAR silly season has begun. Kahne, Martin, Hendrick. Now today, Shell out at RCR now going to Penske's cup and partially Indy cars. Special K to the blue deuce. Now Mobile 1 is gone, where to they go? Harvick goes where. So many things can happen. SO how do you think it will all shake out.

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Here's my ideas.


of the driver's left out there Bud has maybe 4 choices that wont cost them an arm and leg to sponsor. Harvick in the 29 at RCR. Allmendinger in the 43 at RPM. They could go back and get Mcmurry at EGR but they may not want to go back, or maybe some one at MWR.


My guess for Kahne will be UPS leaves Roush. David Ragan and UPS are signed till 2011. Ragan hasn't set the world on fire in the 6. If Hendrick doesn't want a whole bunch for Kahne's deal then I think UPS would love to have someone go head-to-head against Hamlin and FEDEX.


Maybe Mobil 1 to sponsor Mark Martin at Hendrick and then to SHR.


I think Bass Pro shops are going to Stewart Haas.


I also think the main unknown here is not not SHR but James Finch's 09 car. Before you laugh, look what it did for Special K at Talladega last year. It got him something that even Dale Jr didn't get, A WIN.


That team is the perfect spot to put Kahne for a year. Hendrick could have 5 cars easy that way.

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