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Dubuque Deery Series checkers fly for Burgtorf


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Dubuque Deery Series checkers fly for Burgtorf


DUBUQUE, Iowa (April 18) – Race fans went home buzzing about the start, the finish and every lap in between of the first ever Deery Brothers Summer Series event at Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway


Mark Burgtorf got back to his winning ways Sunday night, reeling in long-time leader Ray Guss Jr. with seven laps left to capture his third $2,000 victory in five IMCA Late Model tour events this spring.


The early excitement came on the opening lap, when Kevin Blum flipped in the first set of turns. IMCA’s defending national champion was not injured but two wreckers were called to transport his car back to the pits.


Guss ended his night as the runner-up and saw his advantage over Burgtorf in the point race pared to four markers. Dan Shelliam made the second feature appearance of his Deery career and finished third. Rookie contenders Jason Rauen and Andy Eckrich rounded out the top five.


Pole starter Jeremiah Hurst led the first two laps before giving way to Rauen. A myriad of cautions slowed the race before Guss took the lead on lap nine.


Guss stretched his advantage to most of a straightaway midway through the 50-lap feature, Burgtorf, Shelliam, Mike Murphy Jr. and Rauen used all the lines and weaved around back runners, making up ground on Guss during a lengthy fight for the second spot.


That edge eventually went to Burgtorf, who went to the top to pass Guss for the point on lap 44. Guss kept the race close, crossing the finish line a couple car lengths back. Eckrich worked his way to fifth while hard charger Murphy moved up 10 spots and finished sixth.


Now tied with Curt Martin for second on the career Deery wins list with 25 checkers, Burgtorf matched his total for the entire 2009 campaign with the Sunday checkers. He’d won a personal best four times in 2001, on the way to earning his second of three career tour championships.


Forty-four Late Models were in the pits at Dubuque. That put the tour average at 52.4 entries for each of the five April events, about five cars better than last year’s pace.


Guss won the $250 Sunoco bonus.


With the start of the regular Late Model point season scheduled this Friday, the Deery Series is idle until resuming Tuesday, May 18 at Marshalltown Speedway.


Feature Results –

1. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Ill.;

2. Ray Guss Jr., Milan, Ill.;

3. Dan Shelliam, Hazel Green, Wis.;

4. Jason Rauen, Farley;

5. Andy Eckrich, Iowa City;

6. Mike Murphy Jr., Colona, Ill.;

7. Jeff Aikey, Waterloo;

8. Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque;

9. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown;

10. Tom Goble, Burlington;

11. Greg Kastli, Waterloo;

12. Charlie McKenna, Clear Lake;

13. Tyler Bruening, Decorah;

14. Matt Strassheim, Burlington;

15. Joel Callahan, Dubuque;

16. Todd Malmstrom, Silvis, Ill.;

17. Nate Beuseling, Silvis, Ill.;

18. Josh Most, Red Oak;

19. T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa;

20. Jason Frankel, Quincy, Ill.;

21. Terry Neal, Ely;

22. Boone McLaughlin, Mediapolis;

23. Tom Darbyshire, Morning Sun;

24. Kevin Blum, Colona, Ill.

1st heat (top three) – 1. Burgtorf; 2. Most; 3. Neal. 2nd heat – 1. Shelliam; 2. Rauen; 3. Eckrich. 3rd heat – 1. Hurst; 2. Callahan; 3. Criss. 4th heat – 1. McKenna; 2. DeFrance; 3. Aikey. 5th heat – 1. Guss; 2. Darbyshire; 3. McLaughlin.

1st “B” feature (top three) – 1. Murphy; 2. Strassheim; 3. Beuseling. 2nd “B” feature – 1. Blum; 2. Goble; 3. Kastli.



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