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Jake Boles takes UMP DIRTcar West win at EPSP

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Jake Boles takes UMP DIRTcar West Modified A-Main at El Paso Speedway Park


by Bryon


El Paso, Texas - The forecast called for rain but it would not fall as the racing got underway at the El Paso Speedway Park as the UMP DIRTcar West Modifieds headlined the nights events along with the West Texas Street Stocks, Super Trucks, and the Legends. Jake Boles took the Modified feature win.



Jake Boles in the winner's circle. El Paso Speedway Park photo.


The UMP DIRTcar West Modifieds with 25 laps of racing set to get underway with the J7 of Jake Boles taking full advantage of his front row outside starting position as the battle in the middle of the field went three wide with Jimmy Ray and Christy Georges starting to move their way through the running order. Up front, the J7 of Boles showed the way as the caution waved for the 555 of Chad Falco.


On the restart, the field lined up right on the back bumper of Boles as the green flag waved but the man to watch was Jimmy Ray as the MVT 9 dove low into turns one and two to jump from forth to second, passing Curt Barnett and Christy Georges before the 43 overshot the high line; falling back to seventh.


Back in the field, Barnett would begin to move his way back toward to the front as the 43 quickly regained a top five running position.


Up front, Christy Georges was all over Jimmy Ray as the two drivers went side by side several times with the 44 unable to complete the pass on Ray for second before the caution waved again.


Jakes Boles still leading as the field stacked up for the restart with the battle going 3-wide for the race lead with Jimmy Ray to the bottom, Boles up the middle and Georges up top but he 44 would go to high as Georges fell off the track, giving third back to Curt Barnett who battled with the 2s of Stormy Scott. Running a combination of lines, the 2s did what ever he could to get the run on Barnett but with no luck as the 43 held strong in third with Jimmy Ray in his sights.


With less than 4 laps to go, the 9 of Ray pushed with Barnett unable to make the pass as the 9 and the 43 drag raced down the back straight. With two to go, Barnett would finally grab second coming to the white flag and as the field raced off of turn four for the checkered flag, Barnett would get close but it wasn’t enough to run down the J7 of Jake Boles as the Alamogordo driver took his second UMP DIRTcar West Modified A-Main victory and his first at the El Paso Speedway Park. Curt Barnett would grab second with Jimmy Ray, Stormy Scott, and Paul Banghart rounding out the top five.


The Super Truck main got underway with Sherman Barnett leading the field the drop of the green flag with Thomas Mahle lined up to his outside. As the green flag waved, Barnett would jump in into the race lead with the battle for second a good one with the Rio Grande Foot Clinic 22 of Nita Deetz and the Valley Pro Music 241 of Brady Alberson going side by side with the 241 moving into second before the caution waved for the race leader Sherman Barnett whose truck quit coming off of turn two with 10 laps to go. Side by side for the restart, the 241 of Alberson led the field to the green with Nita and Dave Deetz lined up with the 1 of Dave Deetz grabbing second on the restart. In hot pursuit, the Mike’s Performance 1 of Dr. Dave Deetz ran every line he could to try and run down the 241 of Alberson. Back to the battle for third Thomas Mahle would make his by Nita Deetz with only 5 laps to go. Two laps remaining and, the 241 continued to pull away as the Casa Mexicana Tile 241 took the checkered flag with Dave Deetz second, Thomas Mahle, Nita Deetz, and Ismail Garcia rounding out the top five.


The Legends; led by Benjamin Garcia had 15 laps on the board as the green flag fell but it wasn’t for long before the ACC Racing 3d of Don Reynolds was up front with the 54 of Dylan Harris following suit into second but problems would take the AA Steel 54 of Harris pit side early. Double file on the restart, Reynolds out front by himself with the battle for second between the 21 of Allan Gattis and the 12 of Benjamin Garcia with the 21 grabbing second before the caution would bring the field to an idle. Green flag out and the 3d would pull away with all eyes on the 11w of Alvie Williams as the ANW Automotive 11w had a great restart to move into fourth. The 85m of Vince Malone ran in third with Gattis running second and Reynolds leading as the top three began to pull away from the field but the 85m’s night would end early, giving second to the 21 of Gattis and third to Alvie Williams. Less than five laps to go, Allan Gattis would make a run for the lead but with no results, giving the 11w of Williams a shot but also with no results. Gattis again to the low side but this time, the 21 would spin to the infield; forcing the caution as the white flag waved. On the restart, two laps shown on the score board as the field reverted to the last completed lap and the race for the lead was on as Alvie Williams made one last shot for the win but it was the 3d of Don Reynolds winning with Alvie Williams, Benjamin Garcia, Dave Snyder, and Robert Sheppard rounding out the top five.


The West Texas Street Stock A-Main saw Garrett Stearns leading early on before the caution waved for a big pileup. Up front on the restart, the 53 of Stearns spin to the infield as the battle up front was a good one with good side by side racing between Sean Bowman and David Fountain before the caution finally waved for Stearns. Back to green flag racing as Sean Bowman showed the way as the caution waved again for the 53 of Stearns who had to be taken away on the hook. The final restart as laps were cut for the race taking so long and Sean Bowman was about the have his hands full as the 88 of Ozzie Noder was on a mission to win as the Technicians 88 was all over the Stafford Performance 15x for the race lead. With 2 laps to go, the 88 of Noder grabbed the race lead and didn’t look back as the Oz Man took the win with Sean Bowman second followed by David Fountain, Jose Romero, and Garrett Stearns rounding out the top five as the first DNF.



With the races outrunning the rain, next week will see the return of the Renegade Sprint Car Series. Gates open at 5:30pm with racing getting underway at 7:45pm. Admission is only $10 and children 10 and under will get in free.


Unofficial A-Main Results:


Super Trucks A-Main: Brady Alberson, Dave Deetz, Thomas Mahle, Nita Deetz, Ismail Garcia, Buddy Smith, Chevy Young, Sherman Barnett, Odie Black


Legends A-Main: Don Reynolds, Alvie Williams, Benjamin Garcia, Dave Snyder, Robert Sheppard, Mike Baker, Landis Hartranft, Jim Funk, Ralph Fountain, Allan Gattis, Tristan Gattis, Phil Baker, Krystin Noder, Vince Malone, Dylan Harris


Street Stock A-Main: Ozzie Noder, Sean Bowman, David Fountain, Jose Romero, Garrett Stearns, Gil Almanza, Mark Kimpel, Mingo Jauregui, Chris Mijares


UMP DIRTcar West Modified A-Main: Jake Boles, Curt Barnett, Jimmy Ray, Stormy Scott, Paul Banghart, Royal Jones, Christy Georges, Rob Madrid, Dickie Gorham, Holly Jones, Sherman Barnett, Joe Lackey, Donovan Ooley, Kevin Nichols, Chad Falco, Cody Alvarez

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