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Do I see a pattern?


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Let me start off by saying thank you and how good it was to see everybody. The welcome back i received my first race of the year was great. It was great to see some old friends and b.s. a little, we had a blow out on the trailer on the way down so we got there late and didn't get to talk as much as I would of like to of. the track was in good shape and I should of done better but the old Spillman stupidity kicked in and the rest is history. Now, onto the important part of this thread.


Barry Major, the first guy I met and sit by last year at the Race Tech Info class in Dallas wins the llm


Johnny Torres, also met in Dallas, he (and Frank) showed me the ropes in the ssm class and has helped me in many ways, comes from last to win the ssm.


"big" Mike, a dear friend from Killeen who has held my hand through learning the modifieds goes from the front, to the back to win it on the last lap in the mods, and is sponcored by....ME!


Freddy, The first guy I met on the track during hot laps last year has struggled in learning the ss, than a pure stock and drove a clean race without a mistake....won the pure stocks!


The point of this is this......IF I CAN'T WIN AT LEAST MY FRIENDS AND BUDDYS CAN! Look forward to coming back down in the near future, glad to see the track getting enough mods to make the class work. Stay safe see you soon and as always if your ever need anything feel free to call me.

Joe Spillman

Mod 44s

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Joe,I am really glad you made it to the track. It is always a pleasure to see and talk with you ! Even when your having a bad race your in a good mood and easy going ! I am trying to follow your lead . I would like to see you more at 37 but I know you are running other tracks. I may try and head up your way pretty soon. I predict many wins in your future. Let me know if I can help you with anything ! Freddy

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