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After some discussions with Randy and a few fans from the Cleveland-Houston area, we decided to add this 105 Motor Speedway forum to the Lone Star Speedzone lineup.


Just a few housekeeping items will get us off to a great start.


1. We are not a "bash site" and don't put up with trash talk, bad language and overly aggressive posts - and this also means that we don't attack Texas race tracks and their officials when things don't go the way we think they should.


2. If you got the short end of the stick - got a bad call - felt someone was cheating, etc., call the track to bring it to their attention. Bringing it up here just makes folks look like crybabies and usually gives the sport we love a black eye.


3. While I make every effort to keep the peace here, I can't be on here 24/7 and cannot be held responsible for any slanderous, malicious or otherwise negative postings. If you typed it, you're responsible.


Although the above are mostly "don'ts," we sincerely want the forums to be informative and fun. A place where Randy and his staff can post updates, weather notifications and other important stuff.


So, again, welcome and enjoy your new 105 Motor Speedway forum.



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