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VW Corrodo


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A friend of mines son was headed back to college recently and had problems with his VW Corrodo. Here is what he wrote to his dad:


Quote Driving back to college (highway) i noticed it slightly stutter, as if i took my foot off the gas and back on real quick. Then driving back home it got worse, no acceleration, well SUPER slow (0-60). It started back firing a lot while i was slowing down.


Just replaced cap and rotor. Spark plugs had a lot of build up on them so i replaced them too. new fuel filter.

still the same problem, no change.


Seems like it doesnt come up to idle right away either. but when its idling it seems alright, not good or correctly but just alright.


Im guessing its running rich because of the spark plugs being horribly covered in build up an almost fouled out.


Could it be the fuel pressure regulator?

Any other ideas?



VW guys, just wanted your thoughts

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Not knowing which version of engine its hard to say - I would highly recommend a compression test first, a visual verification of valve timing and lash metrics, etc as what you could be describing may be mechanical - not just tuning - and could be made worse by attempts to tune!

Nice ride tho - kinda rare - in ten more years I would not expect to see very many at all.

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