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Historic Aerial Photos of Houston Area Tracks


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This site gives Army Corp of Engineers Aerial Photos from 1957 to 2004


Click here to see Myers Speedway.


While you are there you can search around for other tracks. I found Playland Park, North Houston and Big-H. You have to put an address or land mark near the track then zoom out and pan around to find them but they are there. I used "Astrodome" to get close to Playland and "E. Mount Rd.) to get close to Big-H. It doesn't show up until the 1981 photo.

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Thanks for the link Txtom,

I found every track I can remember being in the Houston area except Big-H at that link. I found Big-H and figured out how to post a link to it.

You can see it at http://www.historicaerials.com/?poi=10552


What makes me sad about Big-H is not that it's gone but that one of the best dirt tracks around was paved.

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