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Coroporate Sponsorships

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I agree with that.


Not only will this affect corporate sponsorships - but think McDonald's for just a second - will they reach in their pockets to insure all those 30 hr a week employees and take it from the profits - or will that hamburger combo go up in price to maintain the same margin? How can they justify to their shareholders an expense for racing when profits are going down?


Apply that to every commodity we as consumers purchase. Managing full time vs part time is one of the key tools that WalMart uses to control their labor costs. A new hire must show competence in their evals before they are allowed to work more than 38 hrs (thus becoming fulltime and qualifying for healthcare). Now that the law says 30 hrs how can (or will) WalMart adjust their business model to still deliver the low prices that has made them the number one retailer? Will they staff with 28 hr part timers and thus have a store full of even LESS competent employees?

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Serveral way's to save money in the big Corps.


- Pass the cost onto the customer (can only do a little here, people will just go buy a cheaper product)

- Send more jobs over seas

- Pay less to the people that they do have.

- Cut costs by focus'n more online sales or Self checkout type services.....


American economy is resetting itself, people need to ensure they live withing thier means or we will quickly go back thru a ressession again..

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people need to ensure they live withing thier means or we will quickly go back thru a ressession again..

Nailed that bad boy right on the head!

think aboult .alot of pople were liveing withend thier means .. and from no fault of thiers.... that all changed .and now they stuggle ..cant make payments .and cant get out of some contracts ...it is food or a roof ...the balancing act is two exstreme for those who didnt struggle up till the last two years ......we can talk aboult why it is this way from here to hell freezes over . . obamma care is just another thorn in our side ..to go along with all the other crooked things that has been going on ..look at the price of oil .we dont have a shortage ......it isnt the supply and demand as it was ..its just greed .and one of many things that is crippling our nation ..

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and from no fault of thiers.... that all changed .and now they stuggle


Lets discuss that - its one of my ideals that I cling to dearly.


If we tweak that statement to read: "and .... that all changed .and now from no fault of thiers they stuggle" is it still a true statement?


I don't believe so. One of the rules I live by is to maintain three to four months of net expense in savings. Can't get there over night - from the very first paycheck I ever earned at least 5% of my gross has gone straight into savings. Over the years this balance has fluctuated - even back to zero twice (when I met my current wife in 91 every thing I owned fit in a backpack - long story that begins with divorce). The rule of pay yourself first.


My wife did not understand this at first. But as the economy shifted and we have been able to maintain and in some areas increase our standard of living (yes we had to tap some of the savings to maintain progress towards our goals) she understands. How can one take advantage of a down market when they are down too? One of the worse things to ever go thru is to have an opportunity present itself - and not be in a position to act on it!


And if folks want to villify me for this (suprising how many do) fine - I won't let them change the fact that I will retire comfortably and early - and leave plenty to the kids if our health does not eat it up - because of a lack of financial discipline on their part makes them jealous, or whatever.


Every bank web site has a calulator for "how much house can I afford". That chaps my hide because it is the very thinking that has people living outside their means. According to these calculators I can afford a 250K home at 4.5% interest. I live in a 105K home (with the largest TV a 32" cathode) and drive my cars until the wheels fall off rather than trade em in (except the wife's goat - thats our first of hopefully many collectables that we want to show when I retire). The banking/financial industry dangles carrots in front of us mules - its OUR fault when we bite and become over extended. When I bought the goat I had enough in the bank to pay cash for it. they offered 9.9% and I walked out. Called me later and "found" 3.9. My cash costs me 5.5 average so I financed. The first car I ever financed (of course also the first one I personally ever bought new!)


As far as Big Corps run its the LAW that makes them book reserves as they MUST have the cash (or retained stock shares) to pay dividends. Individuals must choose to operate that way. A very small percentage do. So we tap credit lines to cover shortages and the only winners are the banks. Thats why I was so against the bank bailouts.


I like to ask "how much does a six pack of beer cost?". My answer is 87.27 (62.83 after tax in the mid bracket). Thats 3.50 per year into a modestly aggresive 6.9% IRA for 15 years. A six pack a week costs 4538.37. (1808 is interest). This does not mean I dont drink beer. It means I don't drink beer until I have enough in savings to cover the cost! And Corona is more than 3.50 a six.


Unfortunately I have not been able to apply this to smoking - and it costs more than the beer! I am human - I have weaknesses!

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