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It was the night before Easter and all around the track, not a creature was stirring, not even a bunny.

The US flag was raised and the anthem had been sung, in hopes the races would soon have begun.


The children were here with flashing bunny ears on.

And mama in her I-37 t-shirt and me in my cap,

Had just settled down for a night of racing and fun

When out on the track there was such a rubble,

I sprang to my feet just in time to see the green flags tumble.


When to my wonder there were the Front Runners with their beginner cars,

Boys and girls, Fathers and Mothers racing each other.


Now comes the Pure Stocks where there is bound to be some up and coming "Hot Shots"


Next up are the Street Stocks with their Monte's and Camero's looking

Nothing like they did back in the day when they were new!


The Limited Late Models, wow what a show; with their 10" tires

They really know how to go.


The Southern Sport Mods; oh what a bunch of studs; with there 325 horses

Under the hood!


Last but not least are the IMCA Big Daddy Mods, racing 3 wide, slipping and sliding around the corners

on 3 wheels; feeling the thunder in my chest.


Oh what a night at I-37 Raceway.

Happy Easter to all, and to all "Let' Go Racin!!!"

See ya Saturday night!

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