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Boyd Raceway recaps, 3/19/10

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Boyd Raceway recaps, 3/19/10


by Neal Palmer


Charlie Harmon Runs Highline Highway to Win at Boyd!


Charlie Harmon, who's shown an affinity to the high line runs at Boyd in the past, found his way to the Demo Tech Victory Lane running that same high line on Friday Night! After finishing 2nd in his heat to Chris Bragg who looked to have that new Hughes Chassis dialed in tonight, Harmon started on the pole of the feature and led all the way to the 5 to go mark! However Bragg, who had started 3rd row inside, worked his way thru traffic and was putting heavy pressure on him by the halfway point. He finally got a run on him coming out of Turn 2 when Harmon bobbled just a bit! Brag was ready to pounce and shot by him on the inside

going down the backstretch, taking the lead w/ 4 to go!


For the next 2 laps, the duo battled door-to-door, but Bragg had that lightning quick high line and Charlie wasn't able

to carry the momentum out of the turns that Bragg could being on top.


With 2 to go, a caution flew for the 48 of Justin Fowler who stopped in Turn 4 due to contact with Scot Raney. The pair had been racing in a hard battle for 3rd place. Both cars left the track as a result.


On the restart, Bragg showered down on the throttle as they came into Turn 3 for the start and "dislocated" his driveline, ending his run for the night!


With the cars of Bragg, Raney and Fowler out of the fracas, the 69 of Kirk Martin and the 9M of Michael Moore entered the battle for the podium spots! Martin, who started front row outside, had a good run early on, but had slipped up in Turn 1 and been freight trained back to about 8th.


Martin didn't give up, though, and was working his way back up when the top 3 spots fell out! He kept the hammer down on the last restart, keeping Harmon in sight and coming home with a solid 2nd place run! What makes this so good is the fact that it was his 4th night out in a Modified!


Charlie Harmon was all smiles as he took the checkers on his 1st win of the season at Boyd! That Harmon HOV High Line, (High Octane Vehicle), proved once again to be Charlie's quick route to Victory Lane! Kirk Martin, Michael Moore, Kyle Robinson and Jeff Honeycutt round out the top 5.


Hard charger award would have to go to Jeff Honeycutt who started 17th and worked his way up to 5th! Great run by this driver! Also advancing 12 spots was the 12W of Gary Fox. Gary was in a brand new Track Master Chassis with one of those Awesome Extreme Graphics wraps on it! Gary was, by his own admission, "taking it easy", this being his first out in the car and wanting to get comfortable in it before starting to push it hard. That just proves that sometimes taking it easy can get you a pretty decent finish!


Honorable mention for tonight's action would go to Erik Miles. Driving his dad's Modified, Erik started on the front row outside and took off like a rocket to gain a decisive victory over the rest of the field in his heat race! Great showing by this driver in his second year driving a modified, but his first year in a 4-bar car! He was as smooth as silk and I know his dad, Mike, was all smiles watching that win!


Welborn Wallops the Field In Southern Sport Mod Action!


Ronnie Welborn "had his stuff right" at Boyd Friday Night! Racing in a new Rusty Trevathan Chassis this year, Welborn has been fast right out of the box! Starting 3rd row outside, Welborn wasted little time getting clear of the traffic, leaving the rest of the field to battle for 2nd place!


And... there were some pretty good battles for that spot! Andrew Washburn had a pretty good run early on, holding onto the 2nd position for several laps. Gary Fox, who started 4th row inside, was running in 3rd at the half and got by Washburn for 2nd soon after. Welborn had a half-a-track lead on him by then and was too far ahead for Fox to do much about it before the checkers flew.


Matt Winnett, Dean Abbey, Gabe Tucker and Brad Shirley caught up to Washburn with 5 to go and started taking him to school on doing battle on a clay oval! Those cars were in an intense battle that kept the fans on the edge of their seats and screaming their lungs out! When the dust settled after the checkers flew for Welborn, Fox had 2nd by a long shot over Winnett, Tucker, Abbey and Shirley with Kyle Nelson stalking them in 7th!


Hard Charger in this one? That would be the 99 of Matt Winnett! He came from an 11th place start to finish in 3rd after dueling with some Bad Boyz of Dirt to get there!


Carter Pulls Off Late Race Pass To Win At Boyd!


Jeremy Carter has been a rocket in the early goings of this season, winning every race he's run in that BMF Chassis with an Extreme Graphics Wrap that's as outstanding as his driving ability! Carter has dominated the IMCA Hobby Stock Contingents right out of the gate with his performance this season!


That domination continued Friday Night with a late race pass to effect a win over Bryan Wilson and David Bissonnette in the Stephenville Starter Southern Region Hobby Stock Feature!


Front row starter David Bissonnette got the jump on pole sitter Bryan Wilson and took a commanding lead over the rest of the field that continued right down to the very last turn on the very last lap! With the top dogs battling hard for position behind him, Bissonnette set a blistering pace in his Battle Worn Destroyer Chassis, and looked every bit the would be winner the entire race!


But, as racing goes, that would not be the case! Carter was stuck behind heavy traffic most of the race and showed real patience and wisdom by not pressing the matter and putting himself in harm's way. At the crossed flags, he was back in 4th behind Bissonnette, Wilson and Tracy Haynes. Inside of 5 to go, Carter was battling with Wilson and Haynes for 2nd. Finally able to get past them inside of 2 to go, Carter starts pressuring Bissonnette for the lead.


Carter gets inside of Bissonnette coming out of Turn 4 and they take the white flag door-to-door! They battle that way for most of the final lap with Wilson working them over in 3rd! As they round out of Turn 4 for the checkered flag, Bissonnette loses his line to Carter who pulls to the lead bringing Wilson with him! Bissonnette has to settle for 3rd after leading all but the last lap! Tracy Haynes and Allen Montgomery round out the top 5.


Carter, racing in the BMF Chassis, Extreme Graphics #25 IMCA Hobby Stock, also gets the Hard Charger Award for coming from 8th to win this one!


Sydney Seizes Mini Stock Feature Win at Boyd!


Zac Sydney pulls off a late race pass on Don Yeargen to seize his 1st win at Boyd on Friday Night! After starting the Mini Stock Feature on the 3rd row outside, right behind Yeargen, Sydney seemed destined to finish in 2nd place after following him for the entire race! In a performance that resembled restrictor plate drafting in NASCAR, the duo set a lightning fast pace after taking the lead on lap 2.


Pole sitter, Steven Orebaugh, got the early lead and led the first couple of circuits before the Dynamic Duo of Yeargen and Sydney took command of the race! From that point on, it was all about Yeargen who held off every challenge that Sydney was able to mount against him!


However, as the laps wound down, the pair caught up with lap traffic and was in the midst of it when the chase to the checkers came up! With 2 lap cars racing each other out of Turn 4, the leaders had to split to get around them. Yeargen went high and Sydney dove to the bottom! They were neck and neck right up until they reached the flag stand where another lap car had lost power and was

coasting across the line.


Yeargen was held up by that car and as a result forfeited the win over to Sydney! Talk about an exciting finish! If you do the math on that finish, you will see that 5 cars all crossed the finish line at once! What an exciting end to another awesome night of dirt track racing action at Boyd!


Kris Lunsford, Richard Parker and Alex Hunt round out the top 5 in this race. The hard charger has to go to Kris Lunsford who came from 10th to finish 3rd!

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