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A few THR pit pics from Saturday, 3/27/10


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Snapped a few pics at THR yesterday, mostly of the TSRS cars but also of a few folks I bumped into along the way...



Mary Ann and H Naumann. Two of the best folks there are...



Terry Tschoerner and Chris Birmingham share a smile before the races



Randy working away on the damaged Colin Alexander Legacy



Duke from TexasHighDef does some great work



Kris Kerr wasn't running his Legacy due to a soccer injury. That's his dad and loyal crew.

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Here's a few of the TSRS Late Models



Austin Self's nice looking ride. He was off running a Kart event and missed this one



Robert Barker's winning Ford ride



Bobby Teer was not far behind and finished a strong second



Larry Bendele says he "Trying out some new technology" in this car



Jeff O'Neill is working the bugs out of his LM but will be strong in no time

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i saw you wandering around with ur camera nick..and u didn't even say hello :( (jk...)

last night was a blast! had a great time, but 'cept for the whole low sport-mod count...that was disappointing, but the rest of the show was great!

thanks to maryann & the crew for a fun night of racing!!

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Wandering? Wandering? Heck no, I was on a mission looking for potential Lone Star Speedzone advertisers! LOL


I'm pretty confident that the SportMod class will grow at THR. Several dirt track limited modified teams have talked with me about what it would take suspension-wise to get a dirt car to handle on asphalt. The answer is always the same... not much. Add a sway bar and play with spring rates and roll centers for a while and you're ball park.


I think most are just waiting to see if the the class looks like it will survive after HMP decided to remove them from their schedule.



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Great Shots Nick. I would like to give a quick shout out to our "New Driver" Andrew Woolf in the Mini-Stock class. This was Andrew's debut at THR and we are all extremely proud of him. The mini stock class is growing and it is good to see new drivers in all the classes. It was a great night and it looked like a great crowd in the stands. Too bad we gotta wait a month to race again. Thanks to Mary Ann & all the staff at THR for a great Saturday Night. Lenny66 B)

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