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Local classes @ Battleground Spwy. 3/26/10

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Fincher Flies in Limited Modified Main

Lee Fincher jumped out front in the 23-car, 20-lap Limited Modified main with Kamron Campbell and Derek Rashall in tow. Howard Willis and Thomas Downey got by Rashall in turns1-2, with Phil Dixon getting by Downey for fourth in turn 3. Downey lost another spot to Randy Bridges on lap 2 and fell into the clutches of Brad Ball. Dixon's top five run came to an end when he slowed and stopped in turn 4.


On the restart Campbell tried to stay with Fincher, with Bridges and Ball wheel to wheel for fourth, and Kevin Batterbee getting along side Downey for sixth. Coming to halfway it was Fincher, Campbell, Willis, Ball and Batterbee in the top five. Bridges brought out the yellow on lap 10 when he stopped in turn 2 with a flat tire.


Once back to green, Ball was challenging Willis on the high side and took the spot. Batterbee and Willis then swapped fourth corner for corner. Brian Poulter got turned around and backed into the back stretch wall on lap 13 to bring out a yellow flag. As green waved again Ball tried Campbell getting along side, but not past. Campbell gave up the spot a lap later when he pulled to the infield.


A caution for debris on the front stretch saw a lap 16 caution fly setting up a four lap shootout to the finish. Under caution Willis pulled off making the top five now Fincher, Ball, Batterbee, Derek Ross and John Matt for the restart. Ross and Matt went side by side for fifth once racing resumed. Batterbee and Ball had a spirited battle for second as the top three pulled away. Batterbee put a good ol' fashioned slide job on Ball to take second, but too late to catch Fincher who easily took the win.


Limited Modifieds

111 Lee Fincher

09 Kevin Batterbee

78 Brad Ball

10A John Matt

24 Derek Ross

388 Jeff Wood

31T Tyler King

90 Barry Moody

1B Grant Brown

64 Thomas Downey

11jr Johnny Brown

46 Randy Bridges

66z Shelia Szeman

28t Mike McDonald

21m Ben Mims

74 Jason Hale

188 Derek Rashall

81 Chuck Bell

12m Howard Willis

781 Kamron Campbell

5P Brian Poulter

9B Brandi Burney

A1 Phil Dixon

36 Steve Hoppe---DNS



Limited Modified heat winners; 781 Kamron Campbell, 64 Thomas Downey, 111 Lee Fincher



Randy “Bubba” Seals was first into turn 1 as 13-cars took the green for the Hobby Stock feature. Kyle Dixon and Keith Weunschel followed with a three wide scramble for fifth. Rickey Riley and Buster Dean got around Gary Seals for fourth and fifth as G. Seals slowed and dropped to the back. Dean then got past Riley for fourth. R. Seals got a good lead over Dixon and Weunschel as they ran door to door for second and Chris Jewell worked his way up to fourth.


As the top four finally spread out, Dean and Mark Garner were side by side for fifth with Garner taking the spot a lap later. Jewell and Garner were able to chase down Weunschel for third just past halfway. Up front R. Seals got hung up behind a slower car giving Dixon the chance to close in on lap 14.


With five to go, Weunschel, Jewell and Garner were three wide for third when Weunschel broke and stopped in turn 3. On the restart R. Seals got away clean with Jewell looking outside Dixon for second. Garner seized the opportunity and got inside Jewell. Garner took third from Jewell on lap 16. In the waning laps, R. Seals was able to inch away from Dixon and go on to take the checkers.



Hobby Stocks

19 Randy Seals

F1 Kyle Dixon

88 Mark Garner

2X Chris Jewell

00 Buster Dean

51 Gary Seals

9 Carey Garvin

1 Rickey Riley

50 Keith Weunschel

17 Paul Wright

151 William Strickland

99 Chris McCarty

01 Jason Lewis

23k Eric Berlehner---DNS


Hobby Stock heat winners; 19 Randy Seals, F1 Kyle Dixon




The 17-car, 20-lap Pure Stock feature got off to a wild start as Robbie Beall jumped out front, it was four wide for second and three wide for eighth. As Bradley Hellman, Daniel Seals and James Noland sorted out behind Beall it was still three wide for fifth. Rhett Strainer finally secured that spot from Chance Mekalip, he then took over fourth from Noland. A Cody Tankersley spin on lap 5 brought out the caution.


Once back to green B. Hellman and Seals continued to battle for second with Randal Page taking fourth from Strainer. Beall was building a good advantage over Hellman and Seals, but R. page was forced from fourth with flat giving the position to Strainer, with Roger Hellman in fifth. Tankersley's second spin on lap 12 brought out the yellow and rebunched the field. B. Hellman hung on to Beall as green waved again as hey broke away from the pack.


Beall maintained a three-car edge over R. Hellman while Seals had problems failing out of the top five. R. Hellman closed the gap in the final laps and caught Beall with two to go. R. Hellman dove under Beall in turn 3 and as the two traded paint Beall got picked by a slower car with all three making contact as R. Hellman getting the lead. R. Hellman would run the final lap unchallenged to grab the victory.


Pure Stocks

1H Bradley Hellman

25 Robbie Beall

81 Rhett Strainer

3 Roger Hellman

18 Chance Mekalip

10 Ronnie Mekalip

92 Seth Owens

34 Chris Barnyard Barnes

78 Jonathon Peterson

531 Daniel Seals

14 Derek Riley

52 James Noland

99 Cody Tankersley

84 Randal Page

7 Tommy Page

82 Sherry Boone

74 Tommy King



Pure Stock heat winners; 1H Bradley Hellman, 81 Rhett Strainer

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