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TPS MARCH 27 Schedule

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Race #1 Bulletin UPDATE (reminder)


MARCH 26 - Friday - OPTIONAL PRACTICE - 4:00pm to dark $20 per driver, $10 crew in pits.


MARCH 27 - Saturday


10:00am-Pit Gate Open (Trailers in TPS area, fire extinguisher required each TPS trailer position)

TPS participants must sign correct TPS sheet & wear correct wrist band at THR (tell your family)


11:00am - Deadline for (1) one gate bonus point


11:40am -TPS PRACTICE -11:40-11:50 & 1:20-1:30 -practice mandatory or start Feature at rear


1:45pm - TPS Drivers Meeting (non-attendance or no practice receives rear race grid penalty)


4:30pm - TPS QUALIFYING TIME TRIALS - 2 Laps - qualifying line inverted by order of paid entry.


5:15pm - Drivers’ Autograph Session - front straightaway


7:30pm - TPS FEATURE -35 Laps heads-up- NO GRID LIMIT - 30 min limit- dnt at rear by 2009 points


Note: If time trials not held or completed, Feature grid by entry order, ties broken by 2009 points


8:00pm - Post Race TPS Inspection - Random P&G - Trophy Presentation to TPS Feature Winner


8:30pm-THR Features: TSRS-LM, Legacy, Dwarf, Sports Mods, all THR Classes, Bikes, Kiddie Rides


IF POSTPONED - Per new THR policy, THR & TPS Race Director will announce make-up day on race date or later.


For race day weather information call TPS office - 210/655–3222 - or -

TPS Race Director David Mackey cell - 512/913-9364.


Emergency Notification - please keep your cell phone in operation on race mornings and while traveling to future TPS races.


Tire and Race Gas suggestion - TPS members are reminded that Hoosier tire sales or service are not expected at CC Speedway on April 9 & 10. Entrants should assure their adequate supply while at Thunderhill Raceway.


Neil Upchurch

Texas Pro Sedans

Administrative Director

210/655-3222 office & FAX



David Mackey

TPS Race Director

512/913-9364 Cell Phone


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