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A Texas Longhorn Comes Back....

Hook's RPM

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...just to watch his race: The World of Outlaw Late Models at Battleground Speedway THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!


Late breaking news....and the National Enquirer confirms....


Hondo Lives After All!!!


As Mark Twain once quipped, "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!" :lol:


In amazing turn of events, the official mascot of the Lonestar 50 -- that would be "Hondo", the Texas Longhorn that Shannon Babb climbed up on after winning at Battleground Speedway down in Houston last year -- has come back from the dead just to see this race again!!!


Well, not exactly....he actually never died. The word was that Hondo had perished in a traffic accident sometime after last year's race. We don't know if intentional trickery was involved or not or just some bad information got floating around the bull community (you know what you have when there are a lot of bulls all gathered up in one spot....watch your boots! :blink: ...), but regardless, Hondo was not in an accident....thankfully.... and he will return along with.... I hope....many of YOU and bring at least 2 or more of your racing friends with you....to Battleground Speedway in Highlands, Texas THIS FRIDAY NIGHT for the World of Outlaw Late Models Lonestar 50 for $10,000 to win SUPER LATE MODELS like they ought to be!!!


Hondo knows this and you can also ask anyone else who saw this race last year....it is well worth the drive, your time and the price of the ticket to watch this race!!!!


And wait till you see THIS year's trophy!!!! ;)


Ride 'em Cowboy....


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