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HD In-Car Camera CyberMonday Sale!


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You might have seen us walking around HMP this last year. We sell HD In-Car cameras for auto racing. We have several customers that race at HMP and Thunderhill who have got some AMAZING footage. We recently were out for the last race of the year at HMP and have some Wondeful footage in our demo video section of our website. www.SportActionCam.com


We are extending a special offer for Cyber Monday. You can get a COMPLETE HD In-Car camera system for only $269.99!! We have always sold these for $299.99. This is a 1 day deal only!!! It's only good on Monday November 30th, 2009 so tell your friends. This is a great gift for racers.


The system is a true 720p HD at 30fps. It's got an amazing mount that can be put virtually anywhere! All the cables, batteries, and accessories are INCLUDED in the system! It's everything you need without messy wires or complicated mounts.


You can order online at http://www.SportActionCam.com and use the promo code CYBER. This is a great gift for a racer! If you would like to see our demo videos from HMP you can visit the demo video page wihtin our website! These videos are taken with the actual system and have been edited down to stream online!


If you have any questions you can call our 800 number or contact me personally! This is deal is for online orders only and all major credit cards and paypal is accepted! We support our products 100% (just ask the guys who own them). We are a local family owned company out of Spring. We have supported LSSZ in the past and will continue to do so in the future! http://www.SportActionCam.com






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Are these the same cameras that were used in several of the cars at Houston Motorsports Park this past season? If so, some of that footage was amazing. Very clear, very little blurring. Loved watching some of the suspensions work!



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Yep, these are the same cameras that were used to film most of the in-car videos from HMP. If you remeber the Pro-Mod video on HMP's website, it was this camera that filmed that.


We are local and provide all the support needed. These are VERY easy to operate. These are great for suspension shots, driver shots, as well as just plain entertainment. The camera can be removed from the mount in order to film in your hand. Great for filming other things besides your racing.


If you have any questions please contact me either by PM, email, or the 800 number on our site. The Cyber Monday deal is only good till midnight tonight so don't delay!!!! http://www.SportActionCam.com


p.s. don't forget to check out the demo video page, we have a bunch of videos from HMP's last race of the 2009 season.

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