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Spectacular Checks


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I got mine. You should get ahold of Debbie Williams. She's on the boards here and you can get her email addy on the THR site.
Hey gang, Deb does just about everything there is to do with THR and TSRS except dealing with technical questions and money, two areas she has never wanted to be a part of! Can't say I blame her.


I know by the last press release most of you have settled back and said "all is OK" I cannot tell you how time consuming and stressful working out the 2010 season lease has been! Not to mention along with getting the lease negotiated, scheduling the dates for 2010, working with travelling series for their dates, not to mention rules and regulation updates and race procedures for THR and TSRS!


I can tell you, it is looking very promising on the lease and hopefully for a longer term so we all know where we stand, but it is still in the Attorney's hands and not signed! I promise to let you all know the minute it is, signed! Now, as to this thread... For those that did not pick up you're checks @ the last event, as in all seasons in the past, any remaining checks will be available for pick up @ the 2010 Registration and Rules meeting scheduled for Dec 12, which is normally held in January! This has been how it has been since I can remember. Some have contacted Becky, my CPA personally and she has stopped and gotten those in the mail.


Becky, has had a very ill mother-in-law and has been travelling back and forth to El Paso, ever since the CrashFest! She has been trying to keep up with her paying clients, as most of you know, she loves racing and her time she spends on THR and TSRS she donates as most of the staff does for this playground of ours! Trust me, it is off season, but the overhead does not stop, utilities keep rolling in and she has to stop with her paying clients and take care of those, while I am working most of the time trying to wrap up this lease.


If you must have your check before the registration meeting, please drop her a PERSONAL email and she will get it in the mail. Becky's email is happycoop@austin.rr.com. Open threads like this do not set well with me, the THR website has all personal email addresses listed for those with THR. Back in my days of racing, I could not even afford to race, never even knew if or what my payout was, nor did I care I just wanted to race, but also back then I had no idea what it took to keep a racetrack open, those were the good old days, LOL. Now, if what you guys want is for me to stop further negotiations, get the utilities cut off, stop and get the remaining checks in the mail and sit back and relax, I could do that and probably live a much longer life! :)

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