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Good Luck this coming weekend

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Well its been a long season. Seems like a month ago when we raced. Before this weekend finishes out I want to thank Jim and Laurie for the vision and goals bringing the old girl back to life. Obviously opening a track is a big thing but doing it right makes it even more special for alot of people! Also want to thank alot of peoples hero Brian for stepping up and not missing a beat like he has this year! SOS has made it real easy when your looking for a home track. Its also easy to see SOS has a great core of supporters from its workers to its drivers and lastly its fans. I dont think anyone will ever forget seeing the standing room only on opening night! Anyways several classes already have their class champion determined and some classes dont. For those that dont we want to wish those guys good luck. We also want to thank all the drivers who raced at SOS this year in the pure stock class. In my opinion this class consistantly stepped up and not only put on some great races but also showed other classes how to keep the green flag waving lap after lap. In our 25 years of racing we have never raced a full season with so little damage to fix week in and week out. We know for a fact that is largely because of the drivers that are in this class. Have a great Thanksgiving Day with your families and come Saturday lets get it on!

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