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Kyle Busch


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Got to give the kid credit, drove a hell of a race especially when Carl was on fresh tires near the end. He got up on the wheel and drove the hell out of the car the last 3 laps to hold Carl off. He now holds the record for most points earned in a season for the history of the second tier Nascar series. I know many hate the kid but he proved again tonight he is a helluva wheel man.

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That's a really good pic for you kathy you could enlarge it and hang it in your room.





Robert W



Budman, you took the words out of my mouth. That was my very thought yesterday.


And Robert, Um no, I'm good. I got the new Adam Lambert CD yesterday in the mail before it even came out to the public and I have all kinds of great pictures to look at. So, I'm good, but thanks for thinking of me. ;)


If I knew how to post one here for you, I would.

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