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Kids and Racing, our future drivers

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Are you entertaining the thought of letting your Jr race?


Or, is your Jr ready to move up from Carts? This is open to Jrs age 10 - 15 ONLY!!


We are planning a Hot Lap day for Jrs looking to get in the sport. Doesn't matter if they are bone green, or have made a few laps already. We will have a couple of Jr Mini Stock cars ready for your child to begin to get an idea of what is involved. If your Jr already has a car, he/she is welcome to bring it for some practice laps.


One car is outfitted with a "passanger seat" for on hand instruction. It will be availible for a ride along with an experienced driver, or, the Jr can give the driver a ride!!


A date has not been set yet, but will take place a couple of area tracks. The first one will be at Grand Prairie Speedway hopefully in the next couple of weeks, and trying for another at Grayson County in the early part of 2010.


There is not a fee, though you are welcome to donate for expenses. It doesn't matter if you want to race Stock Cars, Mods, Jr Minis, Bombers, whatever, we are doing this for the kids in our cars which are easy for the kids to fit in.

We will have driver safety equipment on hand, or, bring your own.


Anyone intrested should, email me at tony.hernandez@marrbros.com , or call 214.733.3683


There are alot of tracks you can race in any number of classes depending on age, so your options are open, and here is a good start.



Tony Hernandez

Marr Bros. Inc.

423 E Jefferson Blvd

Dallas, Tx. 75203

214-948-7387 ext. 137

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On a personal note, I had the pleasure of meeting Tony and his wife Rachael for the first time after having talked to him online numerous times. They are both seriously involved in his Young Guns Series, and safety of his kids.


At the Southern Challenge in Abilene last month Tony, with the support of the parents, "required" ALL his kids to go through Paul Lapaire's Rollover Simulator(FLIPR). If their time wasn't good enough, Tony gave them a second chance and all improved their exit times.


Other series/track promoters should take notice and make it a point to get the simulator to their track(s) and make it mandatory for all drivers. If you're interested, you can contact RBSF on here, or send me a PM and I can get ya together with Paul.


I'm proud to include Tony and Rachael, and Paul in my extended racing family.

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