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Racing in 2010


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Yes, sir. Someone knows something.


But you and I don't. And we won't know until the people that do know share what they know with us.


I do know this, though. Every track in the USA is for sale. Just like every other business in the country is for sale for the right price. Got money? You can have your pick once you meet the current owner's price.


Now, if you were a track owner, when would be the best time to test the market? How about right after racing season is over? Seems like this would give a new owner a chance to get set up for the season and would be the best time to make the change, if one is coming.


And if I were a track owner and were in the middle of negotiations with a prospective buyer, the last thing in the world I would do would be to get on Lone Star Speedzone and share the plans before the sale was either made or not made.


I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait paitently. LOL



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Okay here you have it! Everyone knows the meaning of RUMOR and we all know someone that likes to start them! This is one of the many rumors that has be flying around since the end of the 2009 season! Bruce and I have not said anything about the track closing in 2010. But I promise each and everyone of you, if we do make such a decision, we would personally let you know !!!


Enjoy the off season. We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Don't forget to send in your banquet forms they are due December 29, 2009.




Bruce and Donna Tesch

Texana Raceway Park

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