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world crown 300


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Actually Colt ran 2nd cause they threw out the top 2. Here's from Speed 51.com


Welcome back to some breaking news on Speed 51's Trackside Now coverage of the World Crown 300. We have spoken to our tech reporter Paul Kelley as well as a few other people, and here is what we know so far.


A few hours after the end of the World Crown 300, Jeff Choquette, who crossed the finish line first, has been deemed illegal and thrown out in tech. We spoke to Choquette, who said they threw them out for an unapproved transmission in the car.


That would declare Max Gresham the winner, but he was also deemed illegal and thrown out in tech. According to what we have been told, he was thrown out for the heads not being legal. Gresham indicated to Speed51.com's Ally Fulson that tech felt that the heads were ground on.


As it stands unofficially now, Paul Kelley would win his fourth World Crown 300, if he passes tech. Second would then be Colt James, followed by Beau Slocumb.


We are still stopped and awaiting more news. Stay tuned.


Sunday November 15, 2009 9:17

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