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Texas Trey Mitchell currently 2nd in the Most Popular Driver voting


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From Speed51.com


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Texas Trey Mitchell currently second in Speed51.com / Aluminum Racing Products Late Model Most Popular Driver award


Sons usually learn a lot from their watching their fathers. George W. Bush followed his father into the White House a few years back, Keifer Sutherland no doubt viewed many of his father Donald's movies before starring in “24” himself and countless tradesmen in every city across the land have picked up a craft from their Dads.


It's not any different in racing, which might explain why two sons of former NASCAR Cup champions are right in the thick of the battle for the , as voted on by short track racing fans.


Currently, Ross Kenseth enjoys a slight lead in the balloting while Chase Elliott ranks third. Their fathers, Matt Kenseth and Bill Elliott, won the NASCAR Cup championships in 2003 and 1988 respectively.


Sandwiched between those two second generation drivers is part-time PASS South driver Trey Mitchell.


Nearly 30,000 votes for the award have been received and verified with nearly one month to go until balloting wraps up on December 6th.


Both Kenseth and Elliott have made their own names for themselves this year on short tracks across the country, and they aren't just using their famous last names to win fans over. Kenseth is the 2009 Big 8 Late Model champion on the basis of winning six of the tour's seven events this year. He has also won races in the ASA Late Model Series this season. Meanwhile, Chase Elliott is the newly-crowned Georgia Asphalt Series champion. He also won a PASS South Super Late Model race and an ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour event this season.


The other drivers who are presently in the top 10 of the voting currently are a diverse group. That pack includes Elliott's Bill Elliott Racing teammate Casey Roderick, PASS South competitor Alex Fleming, Texan Dillon Spreen, Concord Speedway ace Bobby Measmer, Jr. and several more competitors.


“There are two things that really stand out so far when it comes to the voting for this year's Most Popular Driver,” said Speed51.com Editor Mike Twist. “The first is that there are so many fans who are voting for the award. We're almost at the 30,000 vote mark. The second is that there are so many different parts of the country where top-ranked drivers are from. This award might end up going to someone down South or in the Midwest… It's even possible that a Northeastern driver could come from behind the win the big prize. At this point, anything can happen with nearly a month to go.”


There are dozens of drivers though who still have a shot at making into the top ten, or better, so be sure to keep voting. The award is decided based on fan votes at the short track website, Speed51.com. Fans are only allowed to vote once per day and only one per day with the same computer. The votes are verified, so stuffing the ballot box will not help your favorite driver's chances any.


For a driver to be included on the ballot he or she must have been in the top 10 in points in their respective late model touring series or the top five of their local track series prior to the cut-off date of July 18th. If a track is not listed in the balloting, Speed51.com does not receive information from that specific facility.


For more information on Aluminum Racing Products, visit them online at www.arpbodies.com.

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Competition on and off the track.

Gotta have some competition in the off season.


Hope the finish is like when they ran Legacies together when Dillon won and Trey finished 2nd!!

Remember Dillon was 11 and Trey was like 16 or 17!! :o


We can't let a Nascar Cup Drivers son win or a Nascar developement driver win like the rest of the top 7!!!

Vote daily, One month left

Go to TSRS and click on Dillon Spreen

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