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Fall Nationals @ SNMS Sat. results

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10th Annual Mesilla Valley Transportation Fall Nationals

Southern New Mexico Speedway ~ Las Cruces, New Mexico


Modified Event Winners (Saturday, November 7th 2009)


Heat 1: Steve Holzkamper, Wayne Brooks, Ricky Thornton Jr., Chris Sims, Rick Lovelady, Garrett Durrett, Jack Kokot, Norman Uptain Jr., Jason Noll, Joe Lackey, Nick O’ Neal


Heat 2: Randy Timms, Chad Ayers, Jimmy Ray, Tom Georges, Curt Barnett, Chris McCurty Jr., Kelly Gorham, Alan Sharpensteen, Levi Roberts, Jeff Thomas, JJ Harpole


Heat 3: Kelly Shryock, Richie Davis, Joe Carr, Mike Hansen, Greg Jenkins, Robbie Chiles, Mark Stewart, Dickie Gorham, Tim Mecl, Michael Robertson


Heat 4: Terry Tipton, Royal Jones, Mark Dotson, Neal Debord, Tyson Franks, Josh Cain, Jonathan Burton, Billy Jack Brutchin, Robbie Salas


Heat 5: Stormy Scott, Grant Junghans, Gene Weaver, Eric Turner, Denny Schwartz, Holly Jones, Shawn Dutcher, Dennis Gates, John Carney II, Sherman Barnett


Heat 6: Jon Tesch, Jack Sullivan, Jason Hughes, Mike Marlar, Monte Bolton, Jeff Taylor, Ron Jones, Clint Miller, Randy Reeser, James Flemming


Heat 7: Jacob Gallardo, Zane DeVilbiss, Michael Murphree, Troy Cooke, Matt Newkirk, Bobby Sikes Jr., Nathan Bichsel, Frank Dutton, Steve Sutton, Jake Boles


Heat 8: Peyton Taylor, Bryan Rowland, Robert Adams, Tim Donlinger, Morgan Bagley, Eric Turner, Roy Don Mason, Steve Jones, Rick Gallardo


Heat 9: Terry Phillips, Josh Reisch, Bob Sikes, Steve Miller, Dusty Riggs, Fito Gallardo, Christy Georges, Martin Robinson, Butch Reid Jr.


Heat 10: Darrell Nelson, Derek Ramirez, Bumper Jones, Philip Houston, Johnny Fennewald, Chris Dawson, Jay Rosales, Kellen Chadwick, Nick Hererra, Max Sadler


C-Main 1: Houston, Jenkins, Dawson, Lovelady, H. Jones, Kokot, Riggs, Bichsel, Reid Jr., Mecl, Brutchin, Robinson, O’Neal, Sutton, K. Gorham, S. Barnett, Miller, Thomas, Rosales, Belcher Jr.


C-Main 2: Bagley, J. Taylor, T. Georges, Chiles, Debord, Mason, Sharpensteen, Sikes Jr., D. Gorham, Dutton, Robertson, R.Gallardo, A. Adams, Heston, Harpole, Hererra, Salas, Noll, Dutcher, Flemming


C-Main 3: Bolton, Ron Jones, Durrett, Cain, Carney II, C. Georges, Reeser, Stewart, S. Jones, Chadwick, Lackey, McCurty Jr., Gates, Roberts, Burton, F. Gallardo, Uptain, T. Sikes, Boles


B-Main 1: Royal Jones, Hansen, C. Barnett, J. Taylor, Fennewald, Rowland, Thornton Jr., Franks, Murphree, Bolton, Carney II, Houston, Ray, H. Jones, Brooks, Durrett, Chiles, Carr, Mason, Newkirk, Dawson, Sims, Weaver, Dotson


B-Main 2: Hughes, Donlinger, Sullivan, Marlar, Turner, Ayers, Schwartz, DeVilbiss, Holzkamper, Reisch, Davis, Bagley, B. Sikes, Ron Jones, R. Adams, Jenkins, T. Georges, Cain, Lovelady, C. Georges, Debord, Kokot, Cooke, Miller


A-Main: Terry Phillips, Peyton Taylor, Randy Timms, Derek Ramirez, Stormy Scott, Jon Tesch, Darrell Nelson, Jason Hughes, Terry Tipton, Royal Jones, Jeff Taylor, Tim Donlinger, Jacob Gallardo, Eric Turner, Mike Hansen, Denny Schwartz, Curt Barnett, Jack Sullivan, Johnny Fennewald, Bryan Rowland, Ricky Thornton Jr., Grant Junghans, Mike Marlar, Bumper Jones, Chad Ayers, Kelly Shryock (Top 5 to Sunday’s A-main)


**105 Modifieds


Race Notes:

Saturday: Terry Phillips, who took home a $10,000 payday back at the Winter Meltdown in March jumped from the front row to lead all 20 laps to join his teammate Jeremy Payne on the front row for tomorrow night’s 50-lap $10,000 to win Fall Nationals main event. Arkansas pilot Peyton Taylor held off furious charges from Oklahoma racer Randy Timms for second with Oklahoma youngster Derek Ramirez and local star Stormy Scott rounding out the top five and locking them into the main event.


Joplin, Missouri racer Justin Commer won the Legends of the Southwest feature. Las Cruces, New Mexico racer Kenny Medina won the Street Stock feature. Ruidoso, New Mexico racer Brent Dietz won the Southwest Super Truck feature.

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