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Mod and Sports Mod Heat questions


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To answer questions about whether it's better to run the heats on Friday at I-37 Raceway or run on Saturday, it doesn't matter either way.

Run the heat tonight, and the top two are in the feature tomorrow night. Run tomorrow night, and the top two are in the feature tomorrow night. Finish top-two tonight, and you won't race again until the feature tomorrow night.

Suppose there are six features. We could run two tonight and four tomorrow, or three tonight and three tomorrow or any combination. If you are in the top two, you are in the feature. Following all the heats, we will run a "B" main to fill out the grid, taking as many from the B main as needed to fill out the feature grid.

It is also draw and redraw.

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Mr. Jones

In all the two or three days I go to It's ALWAYS set up to be advantegeous to run/finish in the top "X" on a first night of qualifying......Locking the driver in to a front starting spot. If you don't make it an advantage then people have no incentive to come early and the track loses the additional car count, and pit pass money......


IMHO.....if you have 24-30 cars(Sportmods), run 4 heats(8 laps), then line them up for two "A-Qualifiers(15 laps)" by heat race finish, take top "X" from each qualifier to be locked in for top "X" rows of tomorrows 30-lap A-Main....Even if the top "X" redraw it's still to their advantage to be up near the front.


I don't know what kind of Modified turnout you're going to have after your post saying they were NOT included in the show, until the recent update. But they were'nt scheduled to run heats on Friday...unless that's changed too?


But again, what do I know.......

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