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Free Admission at Cowtown, Thursday, 11/12/09

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Watch 200 Laps of Championship Racing For FREE On 11/12


by Darin Short


Kennedale TX (11/4/09) Have you seen those new TV commercials for Ally Bank about being weary of things sounding too good to be true? Well, this isn’t one of them.


On Thursday November 12th at Cowtown Speedway fans of all ages will be admitted into the grandstands to the “Fan Appreciation Night at the Topless 100” and watch 200 laps of Championship racing free of charge.


Here’s the scoop:


-Thursday November 12th will be the conclusion of the October 11th racing program (see line-ups below).


-Pits open at 5pm, Grandstands open at 6pm, Hot Laps at 6:30pm, Races at 7pm.


-Free main grandstand admittance will be available, unless a capacity crowd is reached. At that point, no further grandstand admittance will be allowed.


-Only the drivers pre-qualified for this night are eligible to race (see line-ups below).


-Personal coolers are allowed in the grandstand, but can only be the size of a 6-pack, 14” or less in size and no glass containers allowed. In the event of a capacity crowd, you will be asked to place your cooler under your legs, as it cannot take up a seat; as is the case with all Cowtown events.


-Full concessions will be available in the pits and the grandstands.


-This will also be the first night you can purchase the new, limited supply of November Sprint Shootout (NSS) apparel; as that event kicks off the following day. Some Topless 100 apparel and Cowtown Sprint Nationals apparel is still in stock.


-Pre-qualified teams (listed below) will each receive (6) pit passes per car for free pit admittance to this event only. Teams will sign in for those passes when they arrive at the pit gate on race night.


-Others that had purchased pit passes on October 11th will be admitted to the pit area for free by presenting their October 11th pit armband at the pit window. Anyone wishing to purchase a pit pass may do so for $20.


-In the event of another rainout, this event will be completed on Sunday, November 15th.


-The November Sprint Shootout practice night scheduled for November 12th has been cancelled. Please do not arrive on Thursday with your race car hauler if you are racing the NSS the next day, as we will not have pit parking or grandstand parking available for your hauler until Friday morning.


-Modified and Limited modified drivers are to run topless (only) on Thursday. If you are staying to run the NSS the following day, it is your option to run a roof or not at the NSS.


-For more information on the Fan Appreciation Night at the Topless 100, click www.CowtownSpeedway.com and there you will also find complete details of the November 13-14 NSS.


Only four drivers in the entire field have withdrawn their entry to the conclusion of the October 11th event set for November 12th. A strike through on a name below means they requested to withdraw their entry by the October 31st deadline and will have their payback sent to them. All others are scheduled to race on November 12th. Alternates will not be added to the starting line-ups, as those drivers withdrawing their entries will be paid those starting spot purse monies.




(15) Jared Webb (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr.

(51) Nicholas Littlejohn (15h) Sam Hafertepe, Jr.,

(12)Scooter Bates (14t) Triston Dycus

(5g) Keith Green (81) Danny Caldwell,

(10) George White (14x) Josh Landers,

(52) John Gober, (89) Glen Lueschner,

(88xx) Bobby Malchus (301) Jacob Pirkle,

(2w) Paul White (76t) Troy Taylor,

(1s) Ronny Sigman (24) Sean Jones,

(91b) Shawn Brassfield (20)Terry Prichett,

(84) Tom Lorenz (87) Justin McCoy,

(44) Scotty Brown (8x) Michael Needham








(198) Hunter Jones (52) Aaron Ruetzel

(01j) Jeb Sessum, (11) Justin Melton

(5x) Tyson Hall (51) Caleb Martin,

(18) Jon Randall (69) Jeremy Hefler,

(55) Josh Toho, (23m) David Manry

(551) Donnie Crawford, (74) D.J. Estes,

(3d) Andy Hogan (15) Coy Jordan,

(15d) Andrew Deal (02) Sasha Sessum,

(71) Colby Estes (60x) Chance Terrel,

(84) Matt Owen (83) C.J. Duarte,

(35) Barry Gafford (21t) Taylor Smitherman,

(51x) George White (4J) John James




TOPLESS Limited Modifieds, Qualifier #1 Starting Line-up: Top 6 to A




(110)Josh Landers (184) Danny Ferguson,

(77) Johnny Jerrell (87) Justin McCoy,

(71) Chase Breseey (23) Greg Atwood,

(22) Darrell Thompson (7) Frankie Rash,

(124) Denny Gieber (90) John Robozzi,

(1w) Walter Hamilton (b4) Kelly Gorham,

(711) Michael Daniels (49) Chris Cleveland,

(54) Chris Roan (4) Blake Parker,

(5c) Chris Cogburn (216) Paul White,

(12W) Jerry Fox


TOPLESS Limited Modifieds, Qualifier #2: Top 6 to A


(81) Cody Simpson (64) David Ferguson,

(20) Terry Prichett (5d) Kevin Green,

(7m) Danny Morris (016) Blake Baccus,

(70) Tommy Smith (165) David Jones,

(5p) Dylan Petty (24x) Jeff Stroup,

(22w) Johnny Walton (00) Troy Yant,

(1s) Ronny Sigman (84) Jay Jenkins,

(07) David Sheppard (5)Mike Martin

(69) Glen Hibbard (411) Chase Neil





(18) Tim Clonch, (17) Trevor Lane,

(71m) Bobby Malchus, (24) Jake Upcurch

(44) Jeff Turner (85) Keith Martin,

(94) Sean Jones (3) Brandon McElroy,

(v8) Robert Vetter (56t) Troy Taylor,

(210)Jacob Pirkle (55) T.J. Green, (plus the top 6 finishers from each qualifier)

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It's going to be a beautiful night tonight, so grab your friends, foes, neighbors, in-laws, outlaws, newbies, acquaintances and anyone else you feel like and come watch 200 laps of racing for FREE at the Fan Appreciation Night at the Topless 100 at Cowtown Speedway.


Pits open at 5, Stands open at 6, Hot Laps at 6:30, Races at 7. We’ll be done by 10 or before.


Tonight’s race kicks off the $86,000 November Sprint Shootout (NSS) weekend (Nov. 13-14) and we have nearly 200 cars already pre-entered from as far away as Washington, California and Iowa.


Today (Thursday) is the last day to take advantage of the online 2-day pass sale that saves $10 off of race night adult ticket prices. Current weather forecasts show dry conditions with highs in the mid-70’s through Saturday.


Please click www.CowtownSpeedway.com for complete event information to tonight’s race and the NSS and see you there for a big weekend of Championship racing at the Fastest Li’l Dirt Track In Texas, Cowtown Speedway!

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