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October 31st Schedule for Houston

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Attached is a schedule of events for the Houston race this weekend.


Pit Party Schedule

8:00 am Participant Gates open

9:30 am Trucks need to be tired up for Pit Party setup

10:00 am Production meeting

10:30 am Naskart Heat Race – 10 laps

11:00 am Trucks, Motocross, EcoStocks, & Naskarts need to be in place for Pit Party

12:00 pm Lunch - All Drivers, Riders & Crew

1:00 pm All Drivers/Riders Meeting / Truck Draw Intro and Truck Qualifying Numbers

3:30 pm Gates open for Pit Party

4:00 pm Drivers at your Trucks

6:00 pm Preshow entertainment starts FMX Practice, Sponsor Thanks, Eco Stocks (2 Heat Races), Naskarts 27 lap Feature #1, Burnout Trucks

6:30 pm Pit Party Concludes Crowd must be clear by this time.

6:45 pm Scott Explain Track, Sponsor Thank You's, Charity Explanation

7:00 pm Driver intros (number to be drawn for Intro and Qualifying order)

Show Schedule

6:00 pm Preshow FMX Practice, Eco Stocks (2-8 lap heat races), Naskarts (27 lap Feature Race #1), Truck Burnouts

6:45 pm Scott does Track Explanation, Sponsors Thank you’s, Charity Explanation

7:00 pm Driver Intros

7:35 pm National Anthem (Fireworks)

7:40 pm Monster Qualifying (Two Trucks) Odd Numbers Right, Even Numbers Left

7:45 pm Eco Stocks Final

7:55 pm Freestyle FMX

8:05 pm Monster Qualifying (Two Trucks) Opposite Lane

8:15 pm Naskarts 27 lap Feature #2

8:25 pm Monster Trucks Round One 8 Trucks

8:35 pm Intermission

8:45 pm Monster Trucks Semi Finals 4 Trucks

8:55 pm Freestyle FMX

9:05 pm Scott interview FMX winner and then build Monster Finals and Charity (Top Rider do T-shirt Toss)

9:10 pm Monster Finals 2 Trucks

9:15 pm Interview Winner and Runner up Trophy Presentation (Both Drivers do T-shirt Toss)

9:15pm Setup for Monster Freestyle as Soon as Race Ends

9:20 pm Monster Freestyle each Truck 2 minutes

9:55 pm END OF SHOW Big Fireworks ending

10:00 pm Post Show Autographs


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