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Vintage Race Cars


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I will be posting some more on this show, but a couple teasers for ya--


Remember seeing pics of the South Dallas Battery Special? Forget the pics, You will probably see it for real. It is scheduled to be shown, and then come to San Antonio for a full restoration.

And bring some cash with ya, The Zink family is scheduled to display one of the cars from their personal collection, and they will have copies of a new biography on Jack Zink on sale. Very limited edition.

More to come...................................

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1957 Sprint Car


This Classic Spinter appeared at Niftee 50ees Classic Car Show the other night and we were able to get a few shots.


The Spinter came from the Crosby Texas area and was a welcome site to our event.


We are looking for more to appear at one of our shows for a special tribute to the classic race cars.


Anyone that knows owners of these classic midgets and sprinters have them contact me for a Spring opener show.






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