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LoneStar Speedzone Question of the Week...Call your shot


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Busy show this week for us...Juan Pablo Montoya and TMS President Eddie Gossage join us...Philippe Lopez ,Director of Competition and Crew Chief for Joe Nemechek's #87 NEMCO Motorsports Toyota, will join us and answer your technical questions...NASCAR.com's Jason Allison will join us LIVE from the track with the latest news and headlines from the garage area. And of course we will be talking about the REAL possibility that South Texas may have see their last race at another LOCAL race track...What does this do to the future of racing in San Antonio/Austin, and how will the ripple effect play out at other Texas tracks...


Our Question of the Week this week is a two parter, both dealing with Kyle Busch...


Monday Night Kyle, along with Joey Logano will be guest hosting WWE Monday Night RAW... Go figure, Kyle, the ultimate HEEL of NASCAR!


If you had to call your shot if these two were to throw down in the ring, who do you go with, Joey...Kyle...or maybe you call the match due to outside interference by Joey's Dad...haha just kidding! Not sure I would want to see either in tights though...haha


Also it looks like Kyle is really being looked at for F1 in 2011. Do you think Rowdy takes on the challenge of open wheel?


We are on Saturday Morning from 9 AM - 11 AM CST on Ticket 760 AM in San Antonio or streaming LIVE at www.ticket760.com...Give us a call at (210) 736-9760 or (800) 707-9760

or email dawn at dawnmurphy10@ymail.com




Stories on both are below...US F1 eager to let Kyle Busch take the wheel in 2011: US F1 sporting director Peter Windsor is so enamored with Kyle Busch, he keeps very informed on what the Sprint Cup driver is doing "on a daily basis almost." Windsor would like to eliminate "almost" in 2011. "If he wanted to drive for us in 2011, we'd certainly be keen on that," Windsor says. "I think there'll be a lot of speculation about that as time goes on. If I was Kyle, I'd be saying to myself, yeah, those guys all talk the talk, let's see what they do, let's see what the car's like. Let's see what the race shop is like. Fair enough. We're going to do a good job. I know when Kyle gets to see it, I'm pretty sure it'll get his pulse rate going." Busch already has shown some interest. Windsor says he met with the driver's business team after being approached about the team. Though he hasn't met Busch yet, Windsor is convinced the 58-time winner in NASCAR (16 victories in Cup, 28 in Nationwide, 14 in Camping World Trucks) has the talent to complete the difficult switch from stock cars to open wheel. "I've watched him a lot and have massive respect for him," Windsor says. "I know people who know him very well. I believe Kyle can win a world championship in Formula One. I think he's got exactly the right talent, the right approach. I'd love to see him in a Formula One car. If he wants to jump in our car next year for doing some demonstrations here in the States, he's very welcome to do that." Busch's contract with Joe Gibbs Racing won't expire until after next season, and there've been no indications he is planning to leave. But Busch, 24, did express interest in F1 when asked shortly after US F1's launch in February. "It's definitely something I wouldn't shoot down," the Las Vegas native said. "If I could win a championship (in NASCAR) in the next two or three years then I wouldn't mind going doing (F1) for a few years and coming back. I think I'd still be young enough that if I could win a championship by 25, go run Formula 1 for a few years and be back (in NASCAR) by 28." Windsor wants to make US F1 a destination for young American upstarts such as Busch by employing only American drivers. But when the team makes its March debut in Bahrain, Windsor says its two drivers probably will be foreign born.(USA Today)(10-22-2009)


Drivers to appear on Raw: #18-Kyle Busch and #20-Joey Logano are scheduled to serve as special guest hosts of WWE's Raw in Buffalo, N.Y., this Monday night [10/26]. The show airs on the USA Network at 9:00pm/et.(WWE) and there are many other driver appearances.

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to begin with (in my opinion) the whole nascar/wwe thing is stupid. i lost a lot of respect for nascar when i heard they were doing this deal with wwe (which i lost ALL respect for years ago...)


secondly, knowing kyle, i'm certain he will try the F1 thing. i'd hate to lose him to a formula car, but he never backs down from a challenge, so he will probably do it and dominate that like he has everything else.


goooooooooooooo, kyle!!!!

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