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Golden Triangle Raceway Park results, 9/25/09

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Golden Triangle Raceway Park results, 9/25/09


by Joy Graham


Last week, Golden Triangle drivers battled for double points as the 2009 point season drew to a close. The racing in every class was close and exciting.


The following are the top ten in the Sept. 25th features:


PURE STOCK: John Boutte, Aaron Godeaux, Ronnie Mekalip, David Thibodeaux, Ben Harris, Elbert Simmons, Kasey Garvin, Eddie Thibodeaux, Kyle Daniels, Jay Butts


STREET STOCK: Bubba Haynes, Kirk Carroll, Ernest Haynes, Patrick Langley, Stuart Sandoz, Bryan Laird, Don Denton, Glen Johnson, Ben Sharp, Harold Webster


HOBBY STOCK: Johnny Brown, Grant Brown, Keith Wuenschell Randy Lovell, Kevin Kelley, Wayne Woods, Scott Madison, Josh Hartman, Roger Erickson, Darrell Rhoades


LIMITED MODIFIED: Bobby Fehring, Tyler, King Donny Wyble, Johnny Brown, Josh Ferguson, Johnny Holden, Berry Moody Mike Roy, Shannon Fox, Ed Clancy


MODIFIED: Chad Comer, Howard Willis, Robert Corbello, Corey Neil, Darryl Seals, John Neff Jr., Robert Metz, Johnny Brown, Richard Carter


JR. MINI STOCK: Taz Nelson, Sterling Oliver, Karli Richardson, Luke Nelson


The following were crowned track champions:


Corey Neil, Modified

Johnny Brown, Limited Modified

Ernest Haynes, Street Stock

Johnny Brown (a different Brown) Hobby Stock

Ben Harris, Pure Stock

Karli Richardson, Jr. Mini Stock


For a complete run down of the points in each class visit the track web site www.motoramaspeedway.com.


Golden Triangle Raceway Park is located on W. Hwy. 90 between Beaumont and China, TX.

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