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#28 TEAM


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i'm blessed to have the friends and family i have.


drew, doug, tim, and papa (junior) thanX for EVERYTHING you guys did. long , nasty , rough day......but you guys never give up. i wish i could have gotten you more for you efforts in the 2nd feature.


thanX to all my crew family and friends for a whole years worth of NEVER,NEVER,NEVER GIVE UP!

my awesome wife for putting up with all the racing (all the cars) this year that took time away from her. my mama for being my #1 fan and instilling beliefs in me to always no right from wrong. mitzi , lindsay , leslie, lil' rowdy for all ur support.


we didn't win it , but damn it we had fun. love you guys.


-special thanX to the stapps for the offer last night , i would have loved to have driven that missle one time.


thanX again everybody.

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ooooooooooooooooooooo and Me for being a bad a$$ mo fo! REMEMBER!!! Gosh! hehehehehehehe

ur right,,,,i'm sorry tiff. and wild ass mark....

anybody else i might fail to mention i'm sorry....thanX again for your help and making it fun.

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