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Rusty Mirth in the #07 Boyett Horsepower / Austin Boat Clinic / GraphiTees / Austin Auto Signs TSRS Allison Legacy pulled off an impressive third win in a row tonight after setting his first pole position ever. Mirth, who openly admits that qualifying is not his strong point, was as shocked as anyone when he pulled off pole position; and even more shocked when he drew pole position. Riding his implanted horseshoe on through the night, he dominantly drove away from the field as the next three positions spent their time duking it out instead of trying to catch Mirth. Mirth ends the night with Pole Position, his fourth win overall for the season and his third win in a row.


Crew Chief, Chad Malin, had a bittersweet evening watching this one. His longtime teammate was dominant while he watched his other car sink through the field. Nevertheless, the Mirth win gives Malin an impressive 7 wins for the season in his first season wrenching in the Allisons, an impressive scorecard that undoubtedly will be hard to touch in future Allison activity.


Teammate Gavin Boyett with the #08 Hill Country Springs / Tony Boyett’s Home Repairs / Austin Boat Clinic / Austin Auto Signs / GraphiTees TSRS Allison watched helplessly as his teammate drove away with the win. Boyett, who was down to three cylinders due to a bad plug wire, pulled off fast lap of the race in lap 6 prior to an errant plug wire throwing out the proverbial anchor on what was going to be car that was a force to be reckoned with. Even on three cylinders, Boyett held on to a respectable fifth place; simply racing for points at the end.


Boyett Horsepower Racing, and specifically Tony and Gretchen Boyett, teamowners, parents and friends of our team want to thank the track, the officials (especially Fred), and the fans. Most especially, we want to thank Mirth, Malin and family. As we draw to the last race, we are thrilled with such a competitive season of racing.

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