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IMCA Southern Sportmod Nationals LIVE updates Fri Night


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01 Dan Webre jr

2 Gordon Coble(track champion)

44 William Dean

7 Steve Young

8w Steve Wade

95 Dwain Wills

96 Jeff Woodruff

1 Chris Wills

16oz Jeff Williams

293 Barry Gaston

5T Randy Thompson

78 Martin Quiram

E3 Eric Newton

9 Andrew Richards

17 Blaine Simcik

744 Allen Neal

711 Hollie Gaston

07 Mike VanCleave







17 Jay Hutson(track champion)

16 Aaron Headrick

5t Dustin Thompson

07 James Barber

8 Shawn Morosky

171 Justin Huse

70 Scott Webre

94ak James Pilgrim

81 Ricky Bobby

5n Amy Nichols

829 J D Hardcastle

17k Colby Krahn



Jr. Mini Stocks

16 Alex Norris(track champion)

21j Jordan Kornegay

96 Cory Kreder

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IMCA SSM A-Main(top 8 to Saturdays Big A-Main)


Home Track Edge Works for White

Local ace Keith White used home track advantage to his benefit taking the first step towards a second IMCA Southern SportsMod title. White, who started eighth, patiently worked his way forward and was in the right spot at the right time when Leader, Eric Tomlinson suffered problems. White eased away the final laps to grab the win.


As green waved on the 24-car field Steven Abbey beat Scotty Wallace into turn 1 for the lead. Wallace suffered a flat right rear and coming down the front stretch got run over triggering a chain reaction accident that collected seven other cars. S. Abbey again got the lead on the next start with Tomlinson, Kenneth Graves and Jacob Pirkle in pursuit. Pirkle got around Graves for third as the top three sorted out, while the rest of the field was still side by side.


JP Dowell looked outside Graves for fourth on lap 4 and nearly got squeezed into the back stretch wall. Dowell finally completed the pass on lap 5. White then moved in on Graves and almost found the same spot on the back stretch wall when Graves again drifted up coming out of turn 2. S. Abbey had his night go bad on lap 7 after a trip through the infield and then to the pits. This handed the lead to Tomlinson on lap 8.


White eventually got past Graves and closed on Dowell, while Tomlinson pulled away from Pirkle. Yellow waved on lap 11 when Ronnie Welborn and Chris Cogburn made contact sending Cogburn around and into the mud. On the restart, Tomlinson got away clean, with Pirkle trying to hold off White for second. Dean Abbey lost the door panel to quickly bring the caution back out.


The next try was single file with White looking high on Pirkle for the spot. White again tried the high side on lap 12 before ducking under Pirkle on lap 13 to get the position. White quickly closed on Tomlinson who was beginning to slow with handling issues. White snagged the lead on lap 14 while Tomlinson slowed dramatically. Don Painter then ran up the back of the slowed Tomlinson ending both their nights.


White then began stretching out his advantage over Pirkle and Dowell who held a good margin back to Chase Jupe, Graves, Welborn, Brandon Stewart and Cary Stephens, who held down the final transfer. With two to go, White had built a half straightaway lead, while Mark McDaniel and Jeff Turner joined the fight for eighth. At the checkers it was the track champion, White in the Traceys Auto Sales, Braka Operating, TCI, Amsoil, Tubbs Paint & Body, D&S Painting, Cen-Tex Motorsports, Stephenville Starter, Belton Metals, Carroll's powered Big Chief Chassis.


"I think we had something for Eric(Tomlinson)," replied White. "He was kind of running the middle to the bottom, and I was running ther top. I think if I had snuck up on him and got him cleared I would have been ok. I got hung up behind the 4g(kenneth Graves) and the 210(Jacob Pirkle) they were hitting the ruts and bouncing over in front of me.


"We redrew a six and there's a lot of racing tomorrow. We don't know how the track's going to be tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a track we can pass on. As much rain as we've had they did an excellent job with the track and the pits. It was racey even as rough as it was."


"I need to concentrate on the SportMod. I need this win and need the points. I'll be all over the car tomorrow to make sure nothing is going to fall off of it."


1kw Keith White

65 JP Dowell

31c Chase Jupe

2 Brandon Stewart

4g Kenneth Graves

355 Cary Stephens

11 Mark McDaniel

20 Ronnie Welborn

83k Kenny Ware

44 Jeff Turner

7 Cody Frank

27 Johnny Lewellan

5c Chris Cogburn

38n Dean Abbey

55t Eric Tomlinson

10d Don Painter

3p Eddie Prator

95 Steven Abbey

007 Chris Meyers

224 Mike McDougal

48 Mitch Tierney

71 Scotty Wallace

28 Gabe Tucker

210 Jacob Pirkle---DQ(Tech) originally 2nd

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I've never seen a emergency response team like HOT's. That crew, that setup WORKS!!!! I am so proud and blown away by this group, and to me they are THE primo. WOW! I don't know yet whether or not they are paid, but even if they are, they EARN IT. They have the PPE on, even in the muggy heat, they are on the scene faster than I've ever seen, and they HANDLE IT. If I had anything left in the budget, I'd send that crew to the best steakhouse in town. Amazing..... When I met them and did a walk-thru of their setup, listened to their game plan, their training....... I told them that I hoped they would bored, didn't work out that way, at all. Awesome.

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Jupe Takes IMCA Modified Joust

Several times this season Chase Jupe has played bridesmaid to Keith White in

the IMCA Modifieds, even in the points standings. Tonight would be his night to

shine as he capitalized on White's misfortune. Jupe hounded White early in the

20-lapper and took over the lead after White's car ejected the driveshaft. From

there Jupe built a big margin to snag the victory in his Jupe Trucking, Clover

Cleaners, Kevin Jupe Trucking, Phatt Bodyz, Leroy Trucking, Cen-Tex Motorsports

powered 2004 Smileys Chassis.


White edged out front as green waved on the IMCA Modified main event,

followed by Jupe, Jimmie Helona and Johnny Sheets. Jupe kept the pressure on

the veteran showing the nose of his ride in the corners for the first four laps. Jupe

lost a little ground on lap 5 getting a little loose.


Jupe regained the distance when Cody Daniels stopped in turn 2 to bring out a

caution. On the restart Jupe took another shot on the low side, but White held

steady up top. White and Jupe began to put some distance on Helona, while

Gabe Tucker and Eric Tomlinson battled side by for fourth. That fight ended on

lap 10 when Tomlinson dropped a driveshaft in turn 1, a sign of things to come.


Once back to green, White got a slight lead over Jupe, but going down the back

stretch White had his driveshaft exit and coasted to a stop in turn 3. This handed

the lead to Jupe for the lap 12 restart, who got a huge jump on Helona as green



In the pack, Benji Kirkpatrick was moving up taking fourth from Justin Redmon on

lap 12. Redmon continued to drop spots giving way to Matt Martin and David

Goode on lap 13. As the laps wound down Jupe increased his margin over

Helona and Tucker and as the checkers waved, held a full straightaway lead,

with Helona and Tucker nose to tail.


"I believe we could have caught Keith(White), said Jupe. "He told me when we came in the pits, his brake line had come off and he couldn't get in the corner real well. I showed him the nose a few times and truely think we could have gotten by him if he could have kept going. But, A win's a win! I hate it for him to break, but luck hasn't been on our side this year. Even finishing second to him is a big accomplishment. Luck was in our favor tonight."


"I've been running against Keith for six or seven years in the SportMods and Modifieds, if he makes a mistake its very rare. You better be there to capitalize on it, because you're probably not going to get another chance. If he gets out, it's probably going to take him breaking."


"I'm looking to draw a good number for the SportMod A-main tomorrow," added Jupe. "If I can pull off off a top five I'd be satisfied, a win would be great. I haven't driven the SportMod this year, anything top five and up is OK in my book.



IMCA Modifieds

303 Chase Jupe

21x Jimmie Helona

28 Gabe Tucker

47 Benji Kirkpatrick

111 Matt Martin

107 David Goode

123 Justin Redmon

8j Dwayne Grantham

1w Keith White(track champion)

45t Eric Tomlinson

96 Johnny Sheets

52 John Gober

715 JP Dowell

28G Brian Guay

76 Cody Daniels



Dulock wins Hobby Stock setto, Cosper wins the war

Shannon Dulock jumped ahead of the 18-car IMCA Hobby Stock field charging

from his second row starting spot. Charles Cosper, who basically just had to take

he green to lock up the championship, pulled high an dropped to the back of the

pack out of harms way. Behind Dulock were Ray Kemp jr. Andy Roller and Chri



Jeremy Hendrix took over the fifth spot from Billy Taylor, while former Hobby

Stock Rookie of th Year, Bryan Sewell marched into th top ten from his last row

start. Yellow waved on lap 10 when #75 nosed into he back stretch wall. On the

restart Cogburn and Taylor hooked bumpers starting a scramble for positions



Dulock had Kemp on his bumper and when he slipped Kemp got along side in

turn 3. As the two ran door to door a little contact was made with Roller now

looking for an opening. Roller tried to dive under the duo going three wide, but hit

the slick area and half spun through the infield. Roller caught a break when a lap

15 caution for debris allowed him to get his spot back.


There was plenty of paint swapping in the final few laps and while Roller and

Kemp were slugging it out for second, Dulock eased away. Roller's top finish

shot came to an end on lap 16 when he slowed giving up positions to Cogburn,

#32, Michael Gaunet and Scott Tacker. At the finish it was Dulock holding off

Kemp for the checkers

IMCA Hobby Stocks

47 Shannon Dulock

5c Chris Cogburn


25 Michael Gaunet

17 Scott Tacker

46 Billy Taylor

60 Nathan Sodek

18x Jamey Liugh

82r Garrett Rawls

33c Charles Cosper(track champion)

63 Andy Roller

44 Bryan Sewell

18 Jeremy Hendrix

56 Melvin Burrows

75 Kyle Davis

81 Jeremy Oliver

60R Randy Sodek

45 Ray Kemp Jr--DQ(Tech)



The two points contenders, Tommy Kirkpatrick and Doug Andrews, battled side

by side on lap 1 of the Street Stock feature with Andrews getting the advantage

on lap 2. Yellow waved on lap 3 when Mike Sutherland, Kevin Hejl and Lewis

Blackwood sat scattered in turn 3. On the restart, Andrews held the point with Ed

Thompson getting by Kirkpatrick for second and Brandon Guerin moving up to

fourth. Kirkpatrick retook second from Thompson on lap 5, with B. Guerin

following to third. Jason Honey, Carroll Edmonds and Mark Guerin tried three

wide in turn 1, with Honey going around to bring out the yellow on lap 7.


Once back to green, B. Guerin took second from Kirkpatrick, while Edmonds was

snagging fourth from Thompson. As Honey quickly motored his way back to fifth

on lap 10, B. Guerin broke and pulled off, and Edmonds slowed giving up spots

to Honey and Thompson.


As the laps ran down Andrews was out front cruising away, with Kirkpatrick

solidly in second. With the white the ir, Andrews had a full straightaway on

Kirkpatrick who the championship in his sights. At th checkers Andrews easily

took the victory, but after 16 long years of trying, the popular Kirkpatrick finally his

first ever track title.

Street Stock

1 Doug Andrews

71 Tommy Kirkpatrick(track champion)

13 Jason Honey

181 Ed Thompson

2 John Heffelfinger

4 Carroll Edmonds

14k Jerry Whatley

32 Bill Eller

12 Brandon Guerin

42 Mark Guerin

5 Robert Fuller

74 Lewis Blackwood

3 Mike Sutherland

84 Kevin Hejl


Greg Andrews lead the way as green flew on the Pure Stock feature as he,

Wade White and Jeff Sheppard pulled away from Melvin Kemp, David Andrews

and Tommy Honey. Jeff Wills, Brian Walker and Chad Pelham tangled in turn 3

with Michael Votaw going over the hill to bring out a red on lap 2. On back to

green, Kemp and Honey got past Sheppard who was slowing.


Kemp and Honey were door to door on lap 4, but Kemp held the spot. Honey

continued to keep the heat on Kemp throughout the final laps. Up front it was G.

Andrews building a comfortable margin over White running off to snare the vitory

and track championship.

Pure Stock

08 Greg Andrews(track champion)

68 Wade White

54 Melvin Kemp jr

18k Tommy Honey

3 Edward Harcrow

33 James Haynes

02 Colton Glaser

2 Dillon Payne

14 Weston Glaser

707 Brandon Goodnight

17 Jeff Sheppard

8 David Andrews

29 Michael Votaw

10 Jeff Wills

702 Brian Walker

25c Chad Pelham



Polesitter and points leader, Gordon Coble got out front at the start of the Cruiser

feature with Mike VanCleave getting second from Barry Gaston. Eric Newton and

Blaine Simcik tangled in turn 3 to bring out the yellow on lap 3. Coble got a big

jump on green while William Dean and B. Gaston ran side by side for second.

Dean got the spot on lap 4, with Dan Webre jr. following to third.


Webre used lapped traffic to sneak past Dean for second on lap 10. Webre then

tracked down Coble for lead on lap 12 and too over the point on lap 13. From

there Webre was able to hold off Coble, who as in command of his own destiny

for the championship. Webre won the battle for the win, while Coble won the war.


01 Dan Webre jr

2 Gordon Coble(track champion)

44 William Dean

7 Steve Young

8w Steve Wade

95 Dwain Wills

96 Jeff Woodruff

1 Chris Wills

16oz Jeff Williams

293 Barry Gaston

5T Randy Thompson

78 Martin Quiram

E3 Eric Newton

9 Andrew Richards

17 Blaine Simcik

744 Allen Neal

711 Hollie Gaston

07 Mike VanCleave



Jay Hutson took command of the Twister feature early with James Barber, Dustin

Thompson and Aaron Headrick on his tail. Hutson pulled away from th field in his

quest for th track title, while several three wide groups slugged it out, literally and

figuratively, in his wake. In the final laps Headrick was able to get by past

Thompson and Barber for second, but Hutson was long gone on his way to the

checkers and championship trophy.


17 Jay Hutson(track champion)

16 Aaron Headrick

5t Dustin Thompson

07 James Barber

8 Shawn Morosky

171 Justin Huse

70 Scott Webre

94ak James Pilgrim

81 Ricky Bobby

5n Amy Nichols

829 J D Hardcastle

17k Colby Krahn



With only three cars in the Jr. Mini Stock feature you wouldn't expect much

excitement, right? Wrong! With a mere one point lead Alex Norris had to hold off

Jordan Kornegay to secure his first title. It was just as much a boy-girl thing as it

was a race for he championship. The two battled tooth and nail in the early

stages, running side by side and trading a little paint before Norris finally got

some breathing room an held off Kornegay for the win and track title.

Jr. Mini Stocks

16 Alex Norris(track champion)

21j Jordan Kornegay

96 Cory Kreder

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