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I37 Raceway

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Here are the top drivers for each class:


Front Runners:

1. Jarrett Payton-628

2. James Samford-601

3. Les Bettis-439

4. Alec Jasik-413

5. Jim Knudtson-405


Pure Stocks:

1. William Saunders-629

2. Marc Roy-618

3. Janel Hilla-613

4. William Cavender-590

5. Sean Terry-569

6. Dennis Jasik-564

7. James Watson-531

8. Mike Brown-513


Street Stocks:

1. Wade Jones-666

2. Chico Cox-638

3. Tommy Casey-631

4. AJ Wernette-621

5. Frederick Gierisch-551


Late Models:

1. Moe VanKirk-655

2. Richard Bartosh-629

3. Howie Marcx-598

4. Gary Hunter-558

5. Andrew Hessler-405


Sport Mods:

1. Mark McGahey-555

2. Aaron Lunsford-542

3. Dennis Hilla-539

4. Larry Jernigan-506

5. Doug Livingston-497

6. Johnny Torres-440

7. Chris Swenson-412

8. Joe Spillman-388



Points for all drivers will be updated on our website this week.


If anyone has questions regarding points, rules or any other issue at I37 Raceway you can call the track number at 210-478-0111. Questions posted on this forum may not be answered in a timely manner since it is not manned 24/7. The preferred method of contact is to use the track phone 210-478-0111. We would love to speak to any driver that has a question. If there is no answer please leave a message and your call will be returned ASAP.

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