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Murphy, Murty top Monday IMCA Nationals Stock Car qualifiers


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Murphy, Murty top Monday Stock Car qualifying features at Super Nationals


BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 7) – A couple familiar faces were in victory lane following Monday night Stock Car quali fying features at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals.


Trent Murphy and Damon Murty paced 25-lap events during opening night action at Boone Speedway. The top five finishers in each race square off in a dash during Tuesday’s program to determine the starting order for the inside row of Saturday’s main event.


Chasing Murphy to the checkers were a pair of former Super Nationals Hobby Stock champions, brothers Donavon and Dustin Smith, five-time king Steve Jackson and Jamie Colwell.


Murty scored the nightcap honors ahead of Jeff Mueller, Jeff Wollam, Travis Sherfick and Jeff McCollum.


Jackson will extend his Super Nationals record to 17 career feature starts. Murty, a two-time runner-up, quali fied for the fifth time and Colwell for the fourth.


The Smiths have both qualified for three Saturday night shows, Murphy for his second and McCollum, Muel ler, Sherfick and Wollam each for their first.


The top three finishers in each of 16 heats advanced to one of the two qualifying features. The middle row of 10 cars in the main event will be determined Tuesday.


1st qualifying feature –

1. Trent Murphy, Jefferson;

2. Donavon Smith, Lake City;

3. Dustin Smith, Lake City;

4. Steve Jackson, Polk City;

5. Jamie Colwell, Kaukauna, Wis.;

6. Mike Nichols, Harlan;

7. Nathan Burke, Minot, N.D.;

8. Kenneth Tietz, Belle Plaine, Minn.;

9. Mike VanGenderen, Newton;

10. John Heinz, Green Bay, Wis.;

11. Josh Daniels, Des Moines;

12. Ned Kalis, Wells, Minn.;

13. Robert Stofer, Jefferson;

14. Brian Blessington, Breda;

15. Travis Barker, Sioux City;

16. Jeff Anderson, Atlantic;

17. Jason Day, Stuart;

18. Jeremy Christians, Horicon, Wis.;

19. Jesse Taylor, Fort Morgan, Colo.;

20. Paul Lawson, Donnellson;

21. Chad Schroeder, Henderson, Minn.;

22. Sean Johnson, Independence;

23. Keith Knop, Avoca;

24. Ryan Rose, Boone.


2nd qualifying feature –

1. Damon Murty, Chelsea;

2. Jeff Mueller, New London;

3. Jeff Wollam, Marshalltown;

4. Travis Sherfick, WaKeeney, Kan.;

5. Jeff McCollum, Mankato, Minn.;

6. Terry Dulin, Cedar Rapids;

7. Dan Mackenthun, Hamburg, Minn.;

8. David Smith, Lake City;

9. Dustin Vis, LeGrand;

10. Jim Mitchell, Webster City;

11. John Mahlberg, Hilbert, Wis.;

12. Colton Osborn, Cozad, Neb.;

13. Aaron Cain, Sioux City;

14. Amanda Baum, Sioux City;

15. Travis Prochaska, Iowa Falls;

16. Terry Cornelison, Boone;

17. Wayne Gifford, Boone;

18. Jesse Colwell, Wrightstown, Wis.;

19. Jason Rold, Avoca;

20. Bryan Trogdon, Bouton;

21. Mitch Dowhower, Sioux City;

22. Larry Crocheck, Boone;

23. Zach Kappler, Sioux City;

24. Kevin Opheim, Mason City.




Anderson wins Hobby Stock pole

for Super Nationals main event


BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 7) – Defending national champion and current point leader Shannon Anderson will start from the pole in Saturday’s Hobby Stock main event at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nation als.


Anderson wrestled the lead from Larry Embrey on the fourth lap of Monday’s opening night qualifying feature at Boone Speedway, then pulled away from the rest of the field in capturing the 20-lap win and the coveted pole start.


Devin Smith topped the second qualifier and will take the initial green from the front of the middle row on Saturday.


The top nine from both features advanced.


Following Anderson to the checkers were Jason Kohl, John Cain, Beau Kaplan, Alan Van Gorp, Scott Lo grasso, Pat Mather, Embrey and Paul Wenzloff.


Robby Marsh, Kenneth Hansen, Craig Brotherton, Eric Stanton, Chad Fegley, Jesse VanLaningham, Ash ton Lee and Kenny Loftus followed Smith across the stripe.


Mather qualified for his fifth career Super Nationals Saturday night show, Hansen for his fourth and Embrey and Kaplan both for their third.


Anderson, Van Gorp, Smith, Marsh, Lee and Loftus all accepted invitations to their second big dance. First-time qualifiers included Kohl, Cain, Lograsso, Wenzloff, Brotherton, Stanton, Fegley and VanLaningham.


Sixteen heat races were held Monday for the Hobbies, with top three finishers from each promoted to one of the two qualifiers. The outside row of nine will be set Tuesday.


1st qualifying feature –

1. Shannon Anderson, Atlantic;

2. Jason Kohl, Missouri Valley;

3. John Cain, Homer, Neb.;

4. Beau Kaplan, Ankeny;

5. Alan Van Gorp, Des Moines;

6. Scott Lograsso, Nevada;

7. Pat Mather, Greenfield;

8. Larry Embrey, Granger;

9. Paul Wenzloff, Yankton, S.D.;

10. B.J. Dauer, Marquette, Kan.;

11. Kyle Robinson, Cherokee;

12. Chad Gentz, Forest City;

13. Todd Reitzler, Grinnell;

14. Randy Hadacek, Britt;

15. Corey Madden, Avoca;

16. Matt Brown, Dysart;

17. Chad Shaw, Trimble, Mo.;

18. Randall Macku, Lincoln, Neb.;

19. Donnie Gustoff, Scranton;

20. Curt Ganoe, Stuart;

21. Brandon Ratcliff, Kamrar;

22. Rod Manthey, Norwood, Minn.;

23. Keith Dragoo, Lincoln, Neb.;

24. Josh Irvine, Oelwein.


2nd qualifying feature –

1. Devin Smith, Lake City;

2. Robby Marsh, Belvedere, Neb.;

3. Kenneth Hansen, Audubon;

4. Craig Brotherton, Wall Lake;

5. Eric Stanton, Hartford;

6. Chad Fegley, Eagle, Neb.;

7. Jesse VanLaningham, Beatrice, Neb.;

8. Ashton Lee, Salix;

9. Kenny Loftus, Des Moines;

10. Noah Ludwig, Logan;

11. Chris Jensen, Des Moines;

12. Josh Ruschmann, Sioux City;

13. Chad Krug, Mallard;

14. John Wollenhaupt, Neola;

15. Jeremy Hoskinson, Norfolk, Neb.;

16. Nick Murty, Chelsea;

17. Daniel Hilsabeck, Waukee;

18. Matt Drottz, Ankeny;

19. Bill Bonnett, Knoxville;

20. Derek Thiem, Columbus, Neb.;

21. Aaron Rudolph, Scranton;

22. Brandon Taylor, Granbury, Texas;

23. Michael Murphy, Jefferson;

24. Dustin Larson, Rushmore, Minn.

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