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Sept. 5th Summaries


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"When Corey Came to Town / Texana Race Summaries Sept. 5th"



What a night of "hot shoe" talent in the Golden Crescent / Rice Belt Region. Pulling in just over 80 oval teams and another five Demo Triathlon cars, the first challenge for the evening was the weather. Heats were underway and just before the modified heats it started raining. It rained enough to set the track up for ice skating. After about a 30 minute pause a driver’s meeting was called and the plan was to roll the track back in, skip the modified heats and go straight to features with the impending threat of more rain all around showing on radar. With all other classes qualified, the modifieds would start their feature base on the initial draw from the heats. It was agreed that some of the classes would cut their laps back for the feature but the modifieds would run the full 20 laps. The main strategy at hand which worked out very well in the end was to get features in for everyone.


Texana Teen Mini-Stocks: 15 teenagers showed up to do a little racing. Very good showing with a solid field of cars by the teens. It has been said many times in these articles, but to iterate it again, these kids can get the job done and there’s not a bad apple in the group. Lining it was Ashley Perks on the pole, with Jason Bloom on her outside, and then Colton Sinabaldi and Lauren Chamberlain in Row 2. When the green dropped, Bloom went to the early lead with Perks following in 2nd. Zach Tesch who is second place in points started at the tail of the field and was steadily work marching his way up. Equally impressive with a march to the front after starting in the tail as a result of a coil failure in the heat was Red Rock’s Patricia Lucas. With Bloom pulling away from the group, the next order of business for the front pack became negotiating lapped cars. Bloom made it through smooth. As Perks and Chamberlain also worked through lapped cars, they approached turn 1 & 2. Coming into 1, Perks was trying to determine the best line to pass Roger Churan. As Perks was entering the turn, Churan came down a bit and he and Perks connected. This caused Perks to spin and Chamberlain cut low to miss the two, and made it through with a scrape. Caution came out and Perks was able to get her position back. Restarting the field it was still Bloom, Perks and Chamberlain. Unfortunately Sinabaldi got caught up and had major damage to the front of the car and was sidelined. Zach Tesch had moved up to 4th at this point. When the green flew again, Tesch bumped Perks causing her to spin. Restart and Tesch was moved to the tail of the field. On the second try for the restart, Bloom would pull away and Chamberlain was able to get a good run and get the point over Perks. With laps winding down, Tesch again marched to the front of the group. All the while during the race, quietly Brice Reed had worked his way up through the field and would end up scoring a solid top five. When the checkers flew it was Blessings, Jason Bloom with the win.

Top five

49 Jason Bloom

55 Lauren Chamberlain

12 Ashley Perks

72 Zach Tesch (you get the determination and never quit award)

76 Brice Reed


In the Texana Classic Dwarfs, it was a show of two of the top runners for the front positions. A close race, but in the end Willie Veach Jr. scored the win.

Top Five

41 Willie Veach, Jr.

19 Andrew Cline

1 Brad Wright

71 Joe Bob Veach

15 Gary Faris



Texana Bombers: 15 in this field also. Lauren Chamberlain made her debut in her dad’s car in the field. Young Brian King was about as perfect as perfect gets in this one. And, the founder of the Last Minute Racing Team joined in to play with the group. King went to the early lead with Chris Shafer moving into 2nd. Janet Perks and Shawn Kline tangled on the back stretch on the first lap and a restart followed. Once back under green it was King to the lead again. As the race progressed King had the right set up for the changed track conditions and began to pull away. Mickey Helms stayed right in the hunt. Late in the race Janet Perks experienced mechanical problems and she lost a few positions. Cruising to the checkers with what appeared to be perfect lap after lap, it was Victoria’s Brian King with the win.

Top Seven:

31 Brian King

77 Chris Shafer

76 Mickey Helms

11 Shawn Kline

12 Janet Perks

26 David McBride

55 Lauren Chamberlain



Super Stocks - AJ Dancer took care of business. In smooth fashion, Floyd Rochetszky had is sharp looking car running in fine order as well. Dancer got the early lead and was able to cruise along with Sonny Hammond giving chase followed by previous feature winner Mike Davenport. If someone had a note pad it would have been a good time to take driving notes from Dancer has he ran his orange and white ride along smooth lap after lap.

Top Five:

52 AJ Dancer

67 Sonny "Crazy Cajun" Hammond

70 Mike Davenport

47 GW Hessong

42 Floyd Roschetszky

13 Chris Shafer


Limited Mods - A green to checker run for this group. It was time to watch the master as Paul White went to the early lead and set it on cruise control. As this one progressed, White stretched his lead out over Shane Hoefling to nearly a full straight. A smooth run by all of the competitors from start to finish and some very close racing throughout the field.

Top Five

216 Paul White

63 Shane Hoefling

175 Mickey Helms

29 Keith Keene

36 Codey Hildebrandt..........


Modifieds - Wow!!!! When Corey Babbit came to town along with a good size field of modifieds to compete with, it was some kind of race. Simply amazing how slick the 23 year old Babbit is behind the wheel. Paul White took the early lead with Babbit and Darin Leonard in pursuit. Babbit stayed in close behind White looking for at least a small opportunity to make a pass. The track had changed noticeably when the mods made a few laps and dry slick quickly became the order of the day. Babbit closed in on the bumper of White and made the pass. Darin Leonard followed suit which moved White into 3rd. A caution occurred and the group was relined with Babbit in the lead. White got back around Leonard and Tracy Denby Jr., and David Horner were in the mix for the top five. Babbit would start to stretch his lead out as the laps winded down and the talented young driver would be the first to cross the line. Excellent mod race!

Top Five

12 Corey Babbit

2w Paul White

26 Darin Leonard

51 Tracy Denby Jr.

56 David Horner

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