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#24 Chris Terry wins at Thunderhill

Big G Smith

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Chris Terry Driving the #24 NasKart, holds off a hard charging bunch of Karts to put his NasKart into the winners circle again. Chris makes up some ground on the #5 Lyndon Kirk in their close season championship points battle.


The race was not without conterversity though. Upon review of the video by the NasKart Officials, it was determined that the 2nd place finisher, #88 Kalib Kries was a little to agressive in comming through the field after a bad restart after the compitition yellow flew. Kalib restarted 2nd but droped to the rear of the pack when the green flag flew. Kalib then drove his @88 back up to the front but slamed anyone that was in front of him out of the way to get there. He was assesed a $50.00 fine and lost 5 championship points for his rough drving.


With the season comming to an end and the close points battle in play, the driving is getting progressivly rougher. NasKart officials will be keeping a very close eye on the drivers and their driving tatics for the remainder of the seaon. Anyone who is determined to be intentionally driving rough will be fined and penalized championship points for their efforts.

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