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The only way this is tied to auto racing is that I have been taking pictures around several tracks in the South Texas area.


This is a post about an aquantance that I met through Facebook. She is a soldier that lost a leg from and IED in Iraq in November. I have never met her and only spoke on Facebook, but being a former soldier she is family to me. I know there a lot more out there that are like her or in worse shape but this one is close...


...as you go to bed tonight, please keep the Mau-Koons family in your prays. Our sister, friend and girlfriend Ashley went into a coma during sugery. She is currently on life support and has been transfer to BAMC-SOUTH AICU. Ashley still has uncontrolable bleeding in her brain. Please keep her in your prayers.


Ashley befriended me on Facebook when she got transferred from Walter Reid in D.C. to BAMC. Her fiance just got his boots on the ground this weekend in Iraq for at least his second tour. He is serving from a unit out of Ft. Riley, KS. Please keep this young, brave soldier and her family in your prayers.

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