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need a few parts for super


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Ralph I have a cast iron bellhousing.


call me 946-6628



ok i have to come out to dougs so he can replace some valves on my heads so if you want let me know how much and throw it over dougs fence thanks

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need steel bell housing

roller rockers 1.5

1 dog ear motor-tranny mount


4412 carb or parts to rebuild one metering block and bowel

:rolleyes: Troy :rolleyes: ,

If you still have the bell housing I need one. I'm in the middle-east right now, but tell me how much and I'll have the wife pay you for it and give her directions to your house to pick it up. She works there in the Bluff now so maybe you could drop at her work for me.

:ph34r: Thanks, Dennis (aka: Desert COP) :ph34r:

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Dennis I still have 1 for you.Have her get ahold of me .



hooligan racing B)


Troy, The wife works at the old Padre Island Supply building in a place called "Titan Support Services". Any chance when she calls you, you could drop it by there? She'll have to write you a check if that's OK, if not she will have to hit the ATM to get you cash. Should be today or tomorrow.

:ph34r: Thanks, Dennis :ph34r:

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