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Bumbera closing in on TSRS Rookie Title

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HOUSTON, TX – August 31, 2009 The Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) is the premier touring late model series in Texas. Its roster contains 22 champions and rookie of the year winners. So one could say the field is pretty competitive even for a veteran driver.



Kendall Bumbera


However this season rookie, Kendall Bumbera, has added a little more excitement to the series becoming the first female driver to lead in the Rookie of the Year chase. She relinquished that lead to Levi Krauss of Schertz, TX earlier in the season, however this tough little lady is battling back hard in the closing races.


This weekend at ThunderHill Raceway in Kyle, TX Bumbera closed the gap between she and Krauss to just 3 points. She drove to a 6th place finish in the Rusty Bush Memorial 75 in a field of 16 late models. With only 2 races remaining Bumbera currently sits in 8th place in the points standings and has 1 top 5 and 6 top 10’s this season.


September 12th Bumbera will return to the 3/8’s mile paved oval in Kyle, TX with hopes to retake the rookie points lead for good. Bumbera said, “I was surprised to finish as well as I did considering the bad luck we’ve had lately. It’s been a tight rookie chase but it’s all been friendly competition. All of us have a good time racing together in this series but I hope I’m the one taking home that title in the end. Levi is an awesome driver and one thing’s for sure, I’ll be putting up a good fight.”


Kendall Bumbera is proudly sponsored by Bumbera’s Performance Associates, Bad Fast Racecars, and her own company, Super Bouncers, which she co-owns with her sister. Older sister, Kristin Bumbera, competes in the NASCAR Camping World Series and late model races throughout the U.S.


For more information visit www.bumberas.com, www.badfastracecars.com, and www.superbouncers.com

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