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ASCS Lone Star Region @ Cowtown Speedway 8/29/09

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ASCS Lone Star Region @ Cowtown Speedway, 8/29/09


By J M Hallas


Kennedale, Tx., (Aug 29th, 2009) After an arduous trip from Friday night's venue, Kennedale Speedway Park, the ASCS Lone Star Region drivers prepared to do battle on Cowtown Speedway's high-banked 1/4 mile. Ok, so it was just few hundred feet across KSP's back pit and up Cowtown's parking lot.


Thirty Sprint Cars signed in with drivers from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arizona trying to make the 20-car starting field for the $2,000 to win main event. Also on the nights racing card were the Limited Modifieds, Winged 600 Mini Sprints, Street Stocks and Bombers.



Rilat rumbles to Lone Star, last lap victory

With five laps to go it didn't appear that anyone had anything for leader and Cowtown ace, Kevin Ramey. Lapped traffic played a key part of Forney's Travis Rilat catching Ramey on the final lap that changed the entire outcome of the 25-lap A-main event.


As the 20-car starting field roared to life Matt Clevenger got a big jump going into turn 1, with Ramey making a big charge to second. In the pack JP Bailey and Scott Reneau got turned the wrong directions in turn 3 to bring out a quick yellow. The second start again saw Clevenger jump ahead, with Larry Howrey, Brian Parker and Eric Baldacinni falling in line behind the leader.


Ramey returned to charge mode getting by Rilat and Parker for fourth on lap 1. Rilat moved back under Ramey on lap 2, while Baldacinni got second from Howrey. John Ricketts looped his ride in tun 4 to bring out a caution on lap 4. On the restart Ramey used the top to make a big run past Howrey, Rilat and Baldacinni for second on lap 5.


Marvin Lough and George White were on the march taking fifth and sixth from Howrey on lap 6, with White getting around Lough a lap later. Rilat moved along side Baldacinni on lap 8 in the battle for third just as Clevenger caught the back of the field. Red waved on lap after Parker turned over collecting Skip Wilson and Bailey who slid into the pile. Parker was alright.


Once back to green the fight for first heated up with Ramey and Clevenger wheel to wheel for the lead. Coming to the crossed flags it as Clevenger, by a nose over Ramey, Rilat, Baldacinni and and White. Ramey finally wrestled the lead away on lap 14 and began to ease away, while Rilat closed on Clevenger.


Rilat was able to make the pass on Clevenger for second on lap 18, but a ways behind Ramey, who was just hitting lapped traffic. Ramey had some trouble getting picking his way through as Rilat cut the gap in half by 22. With two to go it still looked like Ramey's race. As the white flag waved Rilat was within striking distance as Ramey was bogged down in slower cars. Rilat caught Ramey in turn 1 on the bottom and got along side coming out of turn 2. The two made on the back stretch and again going into turn 3. That contact sent Ramey over Rilat's right rear, spinning into a series of flips and rolls that saw him end up out of the park.


Ramey was able to climb out and proceeded to walk from turn 3, through the infield towards Rilat who was stopped under red in turn 2. Ramey confronted Rilat, who was still strapped in the car and exchanged more than just a few words before security finally stepped in.


Meanwhile, back to the race. The red on lap 24 set up one try for a green, white, checker finish. Rilat would have a lapped car as a buffer on Clevenger for the restart and as green waved Rilat took advantage easily moving out to a comfortable lead going unchallenged in the F&J Construction, Murray & Son Construction, Ten Hagan Excavating, ShopTheBoss.com, Shark Racing Engines, XXX Chassis.


“We were able to maneuver through lapped traffic,” commented Rilat. “Our car wasn't all that great at the start but once we got into traffic it was to out advantage. In the end we took the checkered flag, and hat's really all that matters.”


“This doesn't make up for losing the victory last night, I'll never get another chance to win that one. We should have won two this weekend. We've had a fast car all year long. This is our fifth feature win and we probably could have had nine but we've had some luck where we have parts failure of flats while leading. While it doesn't make up for it, we can put another check in the win column.”


“ Our two car were pretty equal there at the end and I was hoping for traffic. With all the races I've run I can get through traffic and feel I'm better than he is. When I saw the white he had gotten slowed up quite a bit and I maneuvered through it better. He ended up upside down, and we did what we cam here to do, win the race. It was just a racing incident. Neither myself or anyone else tries to crash someone intentionally. You just don't do that and you don't want it done to you.”




29 Travis Rilat

31m Matt Clevenger

4 Eric Baldacinni

22b Ben Gregg

10 George White

39 Marvin Lough

65 Skip Wilson

74 Claud Estes

1R Scott Reneau

25 Brian McClelland

11 Justin Melton

22j John Gaston

45 JP Bailey

60 Larry Howrey

7m Kevin Ramey

45K Kolt Walker

76 John Ricketts

0 Chris Morgan

9 Brian Parker

87 Billy Melton




ASCS B-Main(top 4 Transfer)

87 Billy Melton

25 Brian McClelland

45 JP Bailey

76 John Ricketts

5c Chris Coker

20 Chad Wilson

5M Glenn Martin

55 David Doyle

56 Jarrett Lucito

71t Shane Thompson

88 Andy Rea

14 Michael Lang

87A Andrew Marshala---DNS

17w Brad Welborn---DNS


ASCS Heats(Top 16 in passing points)


Heat 1

4 Eric Baldacinni

29 Travis Rilat

65 Skip Wilson

20 Chad Wilson

25 Brian McClelland

76 John Rickets

14 Michael Lang

71t Shane Thompson


Heat 2

45k Kolt Walker

9 Brian Parker

10 George White

11j Justin Melton

22B Ben Gregg

17w Brad Welborn

5m Glenn Martin

56 Jarrett Lucito


Heat 3

7m Kevin Ramey

74E Claud Estes

1R Scott Reneau

22j John Gaston

87 Billy Melton

45 JP Bailey

87A Andrew Marshala


Heat 4

31m Matt Clevenger

69 Lary Howrey

39 Marvin Lough

0 Chris Morgan

5c Chris Coker

55 David Doyle

88 Andy Rea




The Limited Modified 20-lap saw Tory Yant get the lead on lap 1, with David Ferguson in pursuit, while Brandon McElroy charging to third and Brent McDowell running wheel to wheel with Bret Young for fourth. Just as Yant got a little breathing room, Dv. Ferguson closed back up on Yant's bumper. As the lead duo continued to hold steady, James Skinner moved up to fifth getting by Young.

The leaders caught traffic just before halfway still holding a good margin over McElroy, McDowell and J. Skinner.


Dv. Ferguson shadowed Yant's every move as they diced through slower cars. Yant got slowed by slower cars running side by side giving Dv. Ferguson the chance for a good run. With two to go, Yant was using the high line in traffic, while Dv. Ferguson tried low around a slower car. Dv. Ferguson made contact with the slower car sending him into the infield tire in turn 4. Yant took the white flag with no pressure and was able to run on to the checkers,



Limited Modifieds

00 Tory Yant

3 Brandon McElroy

184x Brent McDowell

64 David Ferguson

184 Danny Ferguson

85 Keith Martin

17 Trevor Lane

27s Marvin Skinner

69 Bret Young

07t Jarrod Thomas

20j John Villars

07 Danny Thompson

7m Daniel Gonzales

90 Jon Rabozzi

53 Milton Stacey

17s James Skinner

20r Randall Jorden

99 Chase Brewer--DNS

24 Jake Upchurch---DNS


Limited Modified heat winners, 00 Tory Yant, 64 David Ferguson



On the initial start of the Winged 600 Mini Sprint feature, Jeb Sessum quickly jumped into the lead, but Chipper Wood rolled to a stop in turn 2 to bring a complete restart. Once again J. Sessum pulled away from Tyson Sheffield, Brad Young and David Manry. In a mid-pack battle Jeremy Hefler got into Andy Hogan sending him spinning to the infield. Trevor Reed made his way up to third as the race neared the midpoint.



At halfway it was J. Sessum, Sheffield, Reed, Young and Kyle Jones in the top five. Despite running into heavy lapped traffic, J. Sessum was still able to stretch his lead to nearly a half lap over Sheffield and Reed. K. Jones made his to fourth with Hefler following past Young to fifth. Yellow waved on lap 16, when Jeff Simmons and Colby Estes spun in turn 3. On the restart, J. Sesum easily cruised away from the field for another convincing win.



Winged 600 Mini Sprints

01j Jeb Sessum

3 Tyson Sheffield

28 Trevor Reed

04 Kyle Jones

69 Jeremy Hefler

15 Coy Jordan

74 DJ EStes

23m David Manry

13 Brad Young

02 Sasha Sessum

28F Justin Fifield

71 Colby Estes

21t Taylor Smitherman

12s Drew Salisbury

83 CJ Duarte

66 Clark Warren

87 Ashley Reagan

12t Jason Tyer

21 Michele Melton

13w Michael Wade

3D Andy Hogan

3c/26 Hayli Renfro

52 Jeff Simmons

47 Chipper Wood



Winged 600 Mini Sprints B-Main(top 6 to A-Main)

83 CJ Duarte

12s Drew Salisbury

21 Michele Melton

52 Jeff Simmons

12T Jason Tyer

3C/26 Hayli Renfro

22 Payton Williams

28x Kyle Tomas

11D Bryan Debrick

31 Scott Capps---DNS

26 Hayli Renfro---moved to 3c Dan Cuddlefield



Winged 600 Mini Sprint heat winners, 01j Jeb Sessum, 13 Brad Young, 3 Tyson Sheffield



Demetrius Carter finished the Street Stock sweep leading every lap of the 12-lap feature. While Carter pulled away, two good battles raged between Ryan Powers and for second, while Rhea Toney and Anthony Combs fought it out for fourth. Those two scrums were side by side, door to door for nearly every lap of the event.


Street Stocks

44 Demetrius Carter

R12 Ryan Powers

32 N/A

86 Rhea Toney

79 Anthony Combs

33 TJ White

4x Ted Ford---DNS


Street Stock heat winner, 44 Demetrius Carter



Chad Peace grabbed the early lead at the start of the 20-lap Bomber feature, with Chance Morris second, and the Simtherman's(Trey and Larry) door to door for fourth. The battle for fifth between Frank Lackey, Anthony Pearce and Edmond Goff was three wide on lap 3, but caution waved after Shane Hazard broke an axle on the front straightaway. Once back to green, C. Pearce put a little distance on Morris, while L. Smitherman and A. Pearce hooked bumpers.



Once free, L. Smitherman moved back in on T. Smitherman in the father-son fight for third. By halfway C. Pearce and Morris had built a good lead over the Smithermans, Lackey and A. Pearce. A. Pearce then put heat on T. Smitherman for third, going side by side on lap 13. Up front Morris was looking for an opening to get the lead away from C. Pearce. Ray Tidwell joined the battle for third through seventh as he and Lackey swapped spots.



The lead duo were forced to go three wide as they ran through lapped traffic. A. Pearce finally got by Trey Smitherman for fourth on lap 18 followed by Lackey. On the final lap A. Pearce, Lackey, Tidwell and T. Smitherman tried to go four wide into turn 3 with the expected results, contact sending drivers through the infield and shaking up positions. At the checkers it was C. Pearce holding off Morris for the victory.




82 Chad Pearce

6 Chance Morris

74 Larry Smithermam

1 Anthony Pearce

25 Ray Tidwell

56 Edmond Goff

13 Hunter Birmingham

84 Charles Magar

5p Robert Palmer

51 Bobby Lee Stepp

96 Trey Smitherman

7 N/A

67 Steve Trammel

34 Candace Elliott

33 Shelbi Baker

0 N/A

53 Chuck Hazard

5 Kim Gruezner

67x Shane Hazard

41 Frank Lackey---DQ Rough Driving


Bomber heat winners, 96 Trey Smitherman, 82 Chad Pearce

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