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Texana Results

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Texana Raceway Park

August 29, 2009


“The Younger of the Racing Chamberlain’s Scores First Feature win at Texana”


Hitting a high of 91 degrees on Saturday it felt as if a cool front had suddenly hit the area. However, for what the slightly milder temperatures would offer during the day, the night’s racing adventures would heat things up to make up for the less than triple digit temps during the day.


Wrapping up the heat race events in quick fashion it was feature time. The mini-stocks rolled out first with a healthy field of 13 cars to start their feature. Three new comers to the group were welcomed in with open arms. Interestingly enough, it was the top three point's holders starting 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Jason Bloom, Zach Tesch and Lauren Chamberlain). Chase Sanchez started on the outside of Row 2 in the 4th position. When the green dropped, Tesch got the point moving in front of Bloom with Chamberlain and Sanchez racing for 4th. The race quickly became a fan pleasing show as the top 4 started to pull away from the field and ran very close together as a group. Throughout the entire field of 13, the youngsters proved they have what it takes as they ran the entire event caution free. The front 4 started putting on a great show for the fans as they ran several laps in a tight cluster with not so much as even mild paint sharing among the group. Chamberlain, who was one of two female competitors in the group of 13 along with Ashley Perks, worked past Sanchez as the foursome continued to distance from the rest of the field. With the four running nearly nose to tail, the lady in the pack then used a consistent line to pass Bloom. At this point it was Tesch, Chamberlain, Bloom and Sanchez. After a few laps of following Tesch, Chamberlain was able to come off of turn 4 with a good bite and race side by side with Tesch headed down the front straight into Turn 1. Chamberlain would make the low line stick and pass Tesch coming out of 2. With the top 4 still running in a tight cluster, lap traffic was the next task at hand. Chamberlain got a good run at two lappers and was able to pass them on the back straight before reaching turn 4. This gave Chamberlain a chance to distance herself a bit as the next three had to negotiate the same lap cars. With laps winding down, Chamberlain held on to the lead and scored her first feature win at Texana Raceway Park. “This may not be the first career feature win, but it’s my first win at Texana and this is very special. I’ve so wanted a win here, because this is the track where I learned how to race starting two years ago. We have some very good mini’s here and a group of very good drivers. To win against these guys is an accomplishment”, said Chamberlain following the event.


Mini Stocks (top 5)

55 Lauren Chamberlain

49 Jason Bloom

63 Chase Sanchez

72 Zach Tesch

82 (new driver – I missed the name…sorry bout that)


If you love close racing, then a race in the Texana Classic Dwarfs with Andrew Cline and Willie Veach Jr., is sure to deliver. Early in the event, Cline went to the lead, with Ryan Watkins, Gary Faris and Willie Veach Junior hot on Clines bumper. The Texana Classic Dwarfs actually had three good races going on at one time with the second group consisting of seven cars running in a tight bunch and running lap after lap very close ant at times three wide in the turns. As the event progressed, a scary moment occurred as past track champion, Greg Sexton flipped on the front straight. Fortunately Sexton was ok and walked away from the wreckage and back to the pits. Back to racing, the excitement was building as Veach had moved up to 2nd position and was placing the heat on Cline. Veach looked low, high and all points in-between. At one point, Veach got a good run out of the turn and pulled beside Cline. But, Cline would stay strong and pull back out front again. Meanwhile, Frank Fruia and Greg Sexton moved up into the top 4 in 3rd and 4th respectively. Dave Tedford also moved up into the mix getting 3rd for a moment. The race up front between Cline and Veach produced a thrilling finish as Veach made one last run to the lead pulling beside Cline coming out of turn 4. As the two crossed the finish line, it was Cline by no more than half a car length. According to Cline, who celebrated his 24th birthday on August 24th “I was glad to see that checker flag. I could feel the heat from Veach and it was close at the line”.

Texana Classic Dwarfs (top 5)

19 Andrew Cline

41 Willie Veach

3x Frank Fruia

13 Mike Christians

40 Ryan Watkins


The Bomber feature would take many twists and interesting turns before the checker would wave. Janet Perks took the early lead with Chris Shafer in 2nd. Shafer would work past Perks with Nic Priem in 3rd. All the while David McBride and Shawn Kline were holding their own and would end up scoring 3rd and 4th.

Bombers (top 5)

77 Chris Shafer

12 Janet Perks

26 David McBride

11 Shawn Kline

31 Brian King


In Hot Stock Truck action, the winning driver who also was the night’s “featured driver” may have felt that being a “featured driver” can be a good luck charm. Greg Turner took the early lead. But, in this race there would be very little margin for error if Turner would stay in that first position. Bob Ort was testing high and then low to put pressure on Turner. Eventually Ort was able to pull aside Turner, as Ort slipped in using the low line. The two would race back to the next turn and Turner edge ahead slightly. Seeing the need to protect the low line, Turner drove lower in the turns while in front of Ort to protect that line. If Ort was going to be able to make another run at it, he’d have to use the long way around. Ort gave it a try, but Turner was consistent and carried it to the checker. “If I’d of known being the featured driver would have been a good luck charm towards winning the feature, I’d have asked to be featured driver a long time ago” stated Turner after the event. And then Turner asked, “Can I be featured driver next race also?”

Hot Stock Trucks (top 5)

13 Greg Turner

43 Bob Ort

84 Justin Bloom

76 Justin “Peanut” Airhart

39 Nathan Kildair


Shane Hoefling and Paul White led the parade of limited modifieds to crank up their feature. Hoefling went to the early lead with White close behind. Hofeling would lead the first several laps, but got a little loose in 1&2 opening the door for White to pass. At that point, White headed for the lead and Hoefling had some distance to make up. Meanwhile in 3rd place was “Last Minute Racing’s” Mickey Helms working his way forward. As the race progressed, the top three cars would remain with White, Hoefling and Helms to the finish.

Limited Modifieds (top 5)

216 Paul White

63 Shane Hoefling

175 Mickey Helms

43 Jeff Mueller

90 Barry Moody


Doing double duty each night, it’s not uncommon for White to get on a role and score two feature wins in a night. In the Modified feature, White headed to the early lead and never looked back. Jesse Manning spun in 1&2, went to the tail of the field and would work diligently to get back to 2nd. Manning and Darin Leonard would provide several laps of good clean racing action competing for the 2nd spot. On this night, no one had anything for White as he would cruise to a smooth victory.

Modifieds (top 5)

2w Paul White

76 Jesse Manning

26 Darin Leonard

155 Vince Kacir

96 Foster Ellison III

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