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NasKart declines invitation to do and exibition race as part of the up

Big G Smith

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AMP Live Events asked the NasKarts Series to do a group of exhibition races as part of the upcoming Monster Truck Extravaganza to be held at the Expo Center Sept. 25 and 26. We would have had to miss our regularly scheduled points race at Thunder Hill if we would have agreed to participate.


We decided to decline the invitation by AMP Live Events, who put on these types of shows across the country. Even though this would have been an opportunity to race in front of 8,000 fans, we decided we did not want to miss our Points race at Thunder Hill on Saturday night, Sept. 26th. In addition, the indoor stratum venue may have been on the small side for us to really put on a show that the fans would enjoy.


We will be doing some testing in the near future at this facility to determine if indeed we can safely race in this arena and put on an enjoyable show.


Amp Live events has given us an open invitation to race at their shows when they come to Austin next year.


For more information about Amp, You can go to AmpLiveEvents.com

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