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I-37 Spwy. Winter Series #4 2/7/04 results

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Crafty Veteran Finds Winners Circle.

Rick Green and Trevor Egbert paced the 21 car field to green to start the 20 lap IMCA Modified A-main, with Egbert getting out first to lead lap 1. Chase Glick, using the low groove moved inside Egbert to get the spot on lap 2. On lap 3, Danny Brown spun and collected Chris Glick and Tracy Fink, putting all three out of the race. Ch. Glick held the lead as the race went back to green, with perennial front runners, Lawrence Mikulencak in third and past IMCA National Champion, Henry Witt in fifth.


Mikulencak quickly got by Egbert for second, with Witt able to get under Green for fourth. Mikulencak was looking inside Ch. Glick on lap 5, with the two wheel to wheel at the line, as the top five started to gap the field. Mikulencak got the position on lap 6. Witt was able to move grab third from Egbert on lap 7, with a three wide battle for sixth between Blake Pigeon, Shannon Parsons and Bill Pittaway.


Mikulencak was inching away as the race came to halfway, while Witt was reeling in Ch. Glick for second. Egbert and Elias Anderson rounded out the top five spots at the mid-point. On lap 11 Ch. Glick and Witt were fighting for second, while Anderson made the move on Egbert to snag third on lap 12. Witt and Ch. Glick were side by side for second when caution flew on lap 13 for a spin by Curt Clegg in turn 4.


On the restart Witt took second from Ch. Glick, who lost third to Anderson a lap later. With five to go Mikulencak was creeping away leaving Witt and Anderson to slug it out second. What a battle it was, too. The duo swapped the spot several times at each end of the track until yellow flew on lap 17 when Pigeon spun into the tire wall.


This would set up a three lap shootout between Mikulencak, who had been plagued with trouble the past two races, and two of the early seasons hottest drivers, Witt and Anderson. As green waved, Mikulencak got good jump on Witt and Anderson building a four car lead. Witt and Anderson continued their scrum for second giving Mikulencak even more room.


As the white flag flew Mikulencak had a comfortable lead, and the battle for fourth heated up going three wide into the final corners. At the checkers it was Mikulencak, proving again he’s equally as fast on dirt as he is on pavement, grabbing the win in HOT Chassis sponsored by Randy Young Auto Repair/Ace Transmissions/Bartell Motorsports.




1 87 Lawrence Mikulencak(6)

2 701 Henry Witt(9)

3 31 Elias Anderson(11)

4 01 Tanner Whitmire(15)

5 99 Jamie Holder(14)

6 02 Chase Glick(3)

7 13 Shannon Parsons(13)

8 78 Trevor Egbert(2)

9 57 Dale Flanagan(17)

10 37 Bill Pittaway(16)

11 24 Trent Sousa(18)

12 32 Raymond Tague(19)

13 09 Blake Pigeon(7)

14 35 Curt Clegg(8)

15 711x Jason Bernal(20)

16 000 Max Helms(21)

17 66 Jim Rabe(12)

18 82 Rick Green(1)

19 011 Chris Glick(10)

20 55 Danny Brown(4)

21 91 Tracy Fink(5)

25 Bobby Grobe–-DNS

52 Justin Majek—DNS

1 Mark Whitely–-DNS

***Not certain who claimed the $100 logest tow bonus, in the running were Blake Pigeon(Abilene), Trent Sousa(Highlands) and Mark Whitely(unknown-but had an Olathe, Kansas sponsor) Maybe Randy can find out/tell us who got the extra money.

No one claimed the $100 bounty for a new driver winning in any class.***


Three in a Row for 2003 National Champion.

In the 14 car, 20 lap IMCA Stock Main original polesitter Chris Swenson, not running for points, opted to start at the rear, putting Donald Lewis and Matthew Bagley on the front row. On the initial start it was four-wide in the pack with Jeff Turner getting sent through the infield. Coming to complete the first lap, there was a chain reaction stack up with Bagley getting spun. On the next try, Bagley got out front, with side by side action from second through seventh. Thomas Earl tried inside Bagley on lap 2, as Duain Pritchett moved up into third.


Jason Honey and James Hyde had separate spins on lap 3 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Pritchett got by Earl using the high line then was able to go low on Bagley to get the lead on lap 4. On lap 5 Earl, Turner and Benji Kirkpatrick all shuffled Bagley back as Pritchett began to ease away. Turner and Earl then scrapped it out for second, while Travis Evans moved in to fight with Kirkpatrick for fourth.


As the crossed flags were shown it was Pritchett with a good lead over Turner, Earl, Evans and Kirkpatrick. Pritchett got slowed by a lap car on lap 13 but Turner was only able to close a little ground. Once by, Pritchett then reopened his “Advantage” over Turner going on to grab the victory in his Jeffs Performance Automotive/TMM Fabrication/Wise County Detailing/Bilstien Shocks/Metro Colors/Murty Farms/Brads Transmissions/CA’s Auto Supply/Toms Auto Glass/Arty & Son Paint & Body/Midwest Motorsports/Parsons Roofing/Stan Hopkins Co./Aero Race Wheels/Rickys Welding/Hobby Horse Custom Embroidery/We Got Your Number Graphics & Lettering/ Advantage Race Car.



IMCA Stocks

1 22 Duain Pritchett(5)

2 044 Jeff Turner(10)

3 47 Thomas Earl(3)

4 14 Travis Evans(9)

5 47x Benji Kirkpatrick(7)

6 32 Matthew Bagley(2)

7 13 Shannon Parsons(12)

8 25 Toby Miller(6)

9 4 Jason Honey(4)

10 9 James Hyde(14)

11 09 Chris Swenson(13)

12 51 Donald Lewis(1)

13 55 Charlie Wilson(8)

14 77 Robin Lutholz(11)

07 Robert Williams—DNS



Only five cars started the IMCA Hobby Stock feature with Ben Anderlich and Dustin Lemaster on the front row. In a race that seemed no one wanted to lead, Lemaster got out front as the green fell leading laps 1 and 2. Chris Ater got around Dillon Smith for second and quickly grabbed the lead on lap 3. Just as quickly Ater then spun in turn2 giving the lead back to Lemaster for lap 4. Lemaster and Smith battled door to door, with Smith getting the point on lap 5. Smith then spun, caught an infield tire, nearly rolling over. Lemaster again was awarded the top spot back as the race resumed.


Ater moved back up quickly from his early spin and just he got the lead, yellow flew for a spin by Barry Tuttle. Once again Lemaster was the benefactor getting the lead back. Once under green, it wasn’t long until Ater got past Lemaster as the race came to halfway with Ater, Lemaster, Tuttle and Anderlich the only cars on the track. From there Ater was able to motor away to take his second win in a row driving the North Texas Angel Plumbing/Ace Tire Repair/Destroyer Chassis.

IMCA Hobby Stocks

1 7 Chris Ater(5)

2 8 Barry Tuttle(3)

3 36 Dustin Lemaster(2)

4 08 Ben Anderlich(1)

5 Dillon Smith(4)

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