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Questions for David

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As per the following press release..

What question(s) would you like me to ask David on Sunday's show? I will be sure to include a couple from this web site...thanks!



Contact: Dani Promotions, 512.736.8230



Gibbs, Starr to give M-Zone a ‘Super’ start


With Super Bowl XXXVIII to be front and center this coming Sunday, it’s going to be a task to bring auto racing to the forefront for an hour on that same morning.


The Motorsports Zone, which broadcasts its season-opening show this Sunday on KVET-AM 1300 in Austin, TX, will try and find a happy medium in a “Gibbs” manner.


As in, J.D. Gibbs, son of Joe Gibbs, who recently returned to coach the Washington Redskins. M-Zone Show host Chuck Licata will interview J.D. Gibbs, the president of Joe Gibbs Racing, for the show, which airs from 10-11 a.m. Central Time.


David Starr, driver of both the #75 Spears Manufacturing Chevrolet in the Craftsman Truck Series as well as the #50 Holigan Enzyte Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the Busch Grand National Series, will also join the show for a live interview.


“We’re honored to have J.D. Gibbs and David Starr to start our 2004 broadcast season,” Licata said. “I’m sure our listeners are curious as to how things will run at Joe Gibbs Racing with the elder Gibbs now coaching the Redskins – including Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart fans. And we’ll catch up with David and the latest from his appearances on ‘The Reality of Speed’ TV show, which airs on the Spike TV cable channel every Saturday morning.” Licata will be joined by co-host Ric Clark for the show.


The show can be heard via the internet at www.sportsradio1300.com.

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Hi Chuck! You and Lisa keep me so well updated on David, that I can only think of a couple questions..


What does David think of his Busch Pit crew? have they timed any good "pits" yet??


And, Does He ever get to read his message board--(Hope I havent embarrassed myself too much there! :o )


And How does he like Being on Camera in the "Reality Of Speed" show?


Oh and One More--When does he want to do another David Starr Day? :D


Oh another one--I might have already posted this somewhere else--How does he think the Chevy trucks will compare this year? Better??


I know, I said only a couple, but more came to me...lol


Lori--From Tyler

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:D Lori,

your questions are so noted....as well as the ones from Lonestar88 (Keith Sandefur)..


Tune in today! And, as always, THANKS for the support!! :D

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