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First and foremost, thank you to Jason and Nick for creating the forum for David Starr, driver of the #75 Spears Manufacturing Chevrolet (NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series) and the #50 Holigan Racing Enzyte car (Busch Grand National Series)..Don't forget to catch David and the entire Holigan Racing Team on The Reality of Speed TV Show, which airs EVERY SATURDAY MORNING AT 9:30 A.M. (Central Time) ON SPIKE TV (cable channel)...



Now, coincidentally, I am currently in Dallas to attend tomorrow's Media Day at Texas Motor Speedway...And, as fate would have it, David will be there..If you see this post before 7 a.m. on Wed., Jan. 28 and would like to ask David a question, please post it...I will do my best to get David to answer it... :D


Again, thanks to Jason and Nick for the forum...post anything about David Starr you'd like and don't forget to check out David's brand new web site at www.davidstarr.com

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Hi Chuck!


This is Great! Thanks to all for the new David Starr forum--I am new to this site, But I know Chuck! Looking forward to posting with more Starr fans here as well as David's site too!


I have a question for David! Does he think the new template rules are going to help the chevy's this year? And How much of a threat does he think the Toyotas are going to be, or will they even be able to keep up??


Oh and, also..How did testing go at Dega last week?


Thats all I have right now! Have a good time at TMS Chuck!



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I have a few...


How much of a differance does he see compitition wise going from Trucks to Busch and so on....


How did he get started racing... Who gave him that drive (push) to get where he now when he got started in racing?...What are his expectations for Daytona?....How much has the reality TV crew had an effect on how he goes about his day to day operations with the team?



Marc Roy

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