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2004 Texas Pro Sedans Rules Completed

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2004 Texas Pro Sedans Rules Completed


San Antonio, Texas -- Texas Pro Sedans Series Race and Administrative Director, Neil Upchurch has announced that the 2004 TPS Rules and Technical Specifications have been completed. They were distributed to all 2004 TPS members by mail on December 31st and will be posted on the Texas Pro Sedan website, http://texasprosedans.com.


The only major changes from last years rules were announced in a post season newsletter to all members of the San Antonio based 4 - cylinder stock car series after the final 2003 season race on October 18th. The largest rules change involves the allowance of a 4-valve cylinder head on which OEM size valves and the smallest carburetor must be utilized to equalize performance with other TPS cars equipped with a 2-valve head and larger carburetors.


The rules were the combined work product of Neil Upchurch and former TPS Chief Inspector, Nick Holt, whose last full time duty with TPS was co-authorship of the 2004 TPS Rules. Holt recently accepted the position of Competition Director at Thunder Hill Raceway, but will be a part time TPS technical consultant.


In 2004, the Texas Pro Sedans will initiate their twenty-ninth consecutive year of racing in the southwest making TPS is the oldest auto racing series in Texas. A thirteen race schedule at three tracks was recently announced.

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