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This post is really just for some general discussion and so that I can learn something new, not to start another debate about crate motors.


I recall from earlier threads that ARTS did some testing of 350 crate motors in 2003, and that these crate motors are cheaper than the 305 type motors normally used in the series. I just read the ARTS engine rules, and I guess that's what made me start wondering about this.


The way I read the ARTS engine rules, you can't build a much cheaper race motor than an ARTS motor. Is it really cheaper to buy the crate motor than to have a motor built according to the ARTS rules? From what I know about my engine builder, I have no doubt that he could build one for less than what a crate motor costs. Is there another reason for considering the crate motor besides cost?


I also recall Jon T commenting in an earlier post that the 305 ARTS motors make over 300 hp. With the small cams, small cubes, small carbs, and stock parts, that seems a little high to me. Is that number from a chassis dyno or engine dyno?


Like I said, not trying to start any fights here - just trying to learn a little.





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As per the below from Jon T Garrett on a post back from September 29, 2003 concerning Todd McLemores win at Kyle with the 350 GM crate engine.


"I TRY TO STAY OUT OF THE TYPE DISCUSSIONS, BECAUSE THEY ARE GENERALLY JUST A WASTE OF TIME. The wool was not pulled over anyone's eyes, all the drivers knew he had the engine, he had the engine in the previous race.


NO TODD did not have a big advantage over the rest of the trucks. Todd also had this engine in at Houston 2 weeks ago. Did he win that race? NO Not only did he not win, but he was beaten by a FORD, (they claim to be underpowered) Also he didn't even have the fastest lap of the race in Houston, that would be the 19 truck of Joe Napoleon. Mr Napoleon ran faster times 3 years ago than Todd ran saturday with a 350. 16.24 in September of 2000.


While the motor has more cubic inches, it has less lift on the cam, less compression, a big heavey balancer on the front, stock GM distributor, stock rocker arms. While it's advertised at 350hp with a 4 barrell, we run it with a 2-barrell which brings it down to most motors in the top 5. (around 320hp)"


I'm sure there are many pro's and con's with either the 305 or 350 crate motor, but to build a 305 that consistently runs in the top 5, you would spend around $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 dollars.


Anyway, As Jon's GM 350 crate motor post from December 22, 2003 says, "this is an OPTION, not a REQUIREMENT"


Good Luck to all ARTS racers this year!! (305's or 350's!)


Colby Tipton

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you are one of the few lucky ones who did not have to spend so much to finish so well, the name of the game is consistency, which you had all year.


congrats on the 2003 ARTS championship, good luck defending it this year, maybe that 1st win will come soon!


(slap Gunnar in the back of the head for me)


Colby T

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If anyone in ARTS has any questions about the 350 engine, please call me and I will try to answer your questions. Just don't believe any of the thread talk about leaning these engines out with a 4412 carb. Call me, I will give you the facts about the engines.




Mike Garrett


903-581-0770 or 903-581-4949 or 903-571-0673

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