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New Tire Changer at The Caldwell House!


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CONGRATS Kirby and Lisa! Nothing like a brand new Baby Boy!!! We can only imagine what kind of Christmas it will be at your house.




4 pics of Kade Austin Caldwell

born 11/28/2007

7 lbs. 13oz.

20.5" Long



All went very well and we are suppose to go home this evening.

Mom is healthy and up and walking 15 hours after C-section.

Dad is crazier than ever.


Thanks everybody

Kirby and Lisa

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This is why I'm not racing at the Snowball and I can't think of a better excuse than this one. Racing is cool but this is awesome. Tried to fit the baby carrier in the pass side window of race car but no go, may have to cut hole in roof.




Kade Austin Caldwell

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Congrats!! Oh...the only bigger gift is having twins like we did... At first we tried to regift!! Just kidding. Great job Kirby on not have to split your attention between more than one lovebug!! Cherish this time, they grow up so fast. Before you know it, he will be wanting a race car instead of the bottle!!


The Weir Clan

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