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Wes Hurst Memorial @ Central Ariz. Raceway Sat results


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Heat 1: Jesse Stoval, Adam Crippen, Dana Fite, Butch Reid Sr., Anthony Madrid, Kenny Hawkins, Tim Ward, Kellen Chadwick, Bo Hatfield


Heat 2: Kelly Shryock, Jack Sullivan, Steve Arpin, Peyton Taylor, Robbie McClain, Fito Gallardo, Tony Steele, Lance Mari, Chris Sims


Heat 3: Brian Clark, Eddie Martin, Jeff Thomas, Darren Williams, Alan Sharpensteen, Robert Sanders, Sherman Barnett, Mike Strobl, Jay Parvin

Heat 4: Tommy Weder Jr., Jeff Taylor, Alex Stanford, Christy Georges, Bumper Jones, Ricky Thornton Jr., Vince Lucas, Steve Carter, Chad Ayers


Heat 5: Johnny Scott, Anton Salopek, Chris Olexowicz, Jay Foster, Roy Poeling, James Pautot, Jim Collinsworth, Dylan Kelfer, Robert Adams


Heat 6: Troy Cooke, Jason Noll, Royal Jones, Terry Tipton, Rob Mayea, Bryan Barsness, Alex Majalka, Richard Johnson


Heat 7: Jason Hughes, Aaron Mari, Stormy Scott, Nick O’Neal, Dennis Heath, Jeff Stafford, John Morris Jr., Ty Warner, Terry Belcher Jr.


Heat 8: Curt Barnett, Scott Drake, Terry Phillips, Dave Rosales, Ryan Hennessey, Jay Rosales, Brad Lovelady, Joe Carr, Brad Campbell, Dave Dulceak, David Nekula


Heat 9: Adam Crippen, Butch Reid Sr., Anthony Madrid, Dana Fite, Kenny Hawkins, Kellen Chadwick, Tim Ward, Bo Hatfield


Heat 10: Steve Arpin, Peyton Taylor, Jack Sullivan, Robbie McClain, Tony Steele, Fito Gallardo, Lance Mari, Chris Sims


Heat 11: Eddie Martin, Alan Sharpensteen, Darren Williams, Mike Strobl, Sherman Barnett, Jay Parvin, Jeff Thomas, Robert Sanders


Heat 12: Jeff Taylor, Bumper Jones, Alex Stanford, Christy Georges, Ricky Thornton Jr., Vince Lucas, Steve Carter, Chad Ayers


Heat 13: Chris Olexowicz, Anton Salopek, Jay Foster, James Pautot, Jim Collinsworth, Roy Poeling, Dylan Kelfer, Robert Adams


Heat 14: Jason Noll, Royal Jones, Rob Mayea, Bryan Barsness, Alex Majalka, Terry Tipton, Brad Campbell, Richard Johnson


Heat 15: Stormy Scott, Nick O’Neal, Aaron Mari, Dennis Heath, John Morris Jr., Jeff Stafford, Ty Warner, Terry Belcher Jr.


Heat 16: Scott Drake, Eddie Martin, Dave Rosales, Jay Rosales, Ryan Hennessey, Brad Lovelady, Joe Carr, Dave Dulceak, David Nekula


C-Main: Mike Strobl, Christy Georges, Robbie McClain, James Pautot, Jay Rosales, Ricky Thornton Jr., Sherman Barnett, Tony Steele, Kellen Chadwick, Terry Tipton, Kenny Hawkins, Alex Majalka, Jim Collinsworth, John Morris Jr., Ryan Hennessey, Jeff Stafford, Roy Poeling, Brad Lovelady, Dennis Heath, Vince Lucas, Fito Gallardo, Jay Parvin, Bryan Barsness, Dana Fite


B-Main: Peyton Taylor, Terry Phillips, Royal Jones, Alan Sharpensteen, Anthony Madrid, Ricky Thornton Jr., Alex Stanford, Christy Georges, Aaron Mari, Butch Reid Sr., Nick O’Neal, Jay Rosales, James Pautot, Bumper Jones, Sherman Barnett, Mike Strobl, Jay Foster, Robbie McClain, Dave Rosales, Jack Sullivan, Rob Mayea, Anton Salopek, Tony Steele, Darren Williams


Qualifying A-Main: (Top 5 to Sunday’s Wes Hurst Memorial Main Event) Johnny Scott, Jason Hughes, Kelly Shryock, Curt Barnett, Steve Arpin, Tommy Weder Jr., Troy Cooke, Chris Olexowicz, Brian Clark, Scott Drake, Adam Crippen, Eddie Martin, Jeff Taylor, Terry Phillips, Peyton Taylor, Ricky Thornton Jr., Stormy Scott (NF), Anthony Madrid (NF), Alan Sharpensteen (NF), Jason Noll (NF), Royal Jones (NF), Jesse Stoval (NF), Alex Stanford (NF), Christy Georges (NF)


6 new Mods


Race Notes: Outside front row starter Johnny Scott out raced pole sitter Kelly Shryock into the lead at the drop of the green and quickly drove off into the night, while Shryock was quickly challenged from third place running Jason Hughes. Shryock began to reel Scott back in all the while feeling the heavy pressure from Hughes.


Just behind the lead three, Troy Cooke, Curt Barnett, Tommy Weder Jr and Steve Arpin were locked into a good battle for fourth, while the leaders began to slip away. Barnett got through traffic first and began to distance himself from the battle behind him, while Arpin worked over Weder and raced to fifth on lap 15.


Just as Curt Barnett was starting his duel with Jesse Stoval for position, Stoval dropped from competition, allowing Barnett the fourth spot and handing 5th over the Arpin. Meanwhile, back up front, Scott, Shryock and Hughes had caught the back of the field and were beginning to negotiate the slower cars. Hughes set up Shryock perfectly and snuck under him into second, but ran out of time as the event ran non-stop and Johnny Scott lead every lap en route to earning himself a front row starting spot for Sunday’s $10,000 to win main event. Hughes, Shryock, Barnett and Arpin rounded out the top five finishers at the line, but due to the fact that Arpin and Shryock had better finishing positions on Friday night, Troy Cooke and Chris Olexowicz would earn transfer spots into the main event after finishing 7th and 8th respectively. Also, because Hughes would better his starting position from the night before, Jesse Stoval, who finished 6th on Friday night, would also earn a transfer spot into Sunday’s a-main.

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